MIE Undergraduate Research Thesis (MIE498 H/Y)

MIE Undergraduate Thesis Projects: An Opportunity for Independent Research under Faculty Supervision.

Enrollment Procedure:

  1. Find a supervisor and a thesis topic/project: You can review the available thesis topics/projects below or you can independently contact MIE faculty members who you are interested in working with. The website will be updated with project submissions as they become available.
  2. Once you have found a faculty member who will supervise you, submit the Thesis Enrollment Form to the MIE Undergraduate Office at undergrad@mie.utoronto.ca. Ensure that your supervisor signs the form.
  3. Attach a 1-page outline of the project you plan to undertake.
    a. Explain how the research project builds upon one or more aspects of engineering science introduced in the student's academic program
    b. Provide an estimate of a level of effort not less than 130 productive hours of work per term
    c. Specify a deliverable in each term to be submitted by the last day of lectures
  4. Final submission date for the Thesis topic forms: 5 business days prior the last day to add courses

    1. If approved, your research thesis will be added to your transcript on ACORN by the MIE UG Office. If it is not approved, we will notify you by email.

Note: Approval to register for the fourth-year thesis course (MIE498H1 or MIE498Y1) must be obtained from the Associate Chair - Undergraduate and is normally restricted to fourth year students with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.7.

Thesis Examples:


Available Projects:

Date AddedOpen toTerm OfferedResearch AreaResearch Topic
11-Dec-23IndustrialWinterOperations ResearchAnalyzing and improving network clustering and community detection algorithms using discrete optimization
11-Dec-23Mechanical & IndustrialWinterHuman FactorsBuilding Driver Drowsiness Detection and Intervention Systems
11-Dec-23Mechanical & IndustrialWinterHuman FactorsDriver Distraction Monitoring and Intervention Systems
11-Dec-23Mechanical & IndustrialWinterHuman FactorsDriving simulator study on automated vehicles
11-Dec-23Mechanical & IndustrialWinterHuman FactorsScoping review on visual attention and driving automation
11-Dec-23Mechanical & IndustrialWinterRobotics Ai-Embedded Robotics
11-Dec-23MechanicalWinterMaterialsOmniphobic spray coating
11-Dec-23MechanicalWinterMechanics & Design, Aerospace EngineeringBlade Shedding in Gas Turbine Engines
11-Dec-23Mechanical & IndustrialWinterMaterialsGreen Hydrogen, Super critical extraction, e-machine Design, New PowerTrain, Battery, Fuel cell
11-Dec-23Mechanical & IndustrialWinterHuman FactorsOvercoming Social Conformity
02-Aug-23Mechanical & IndustrialFall & WinterHuman Factors / Information EngineeringOvercoming Misinformation/Disinformation
02-Aug-23IndustrialFall & WinterHuman FactorsEquity and AI Informed User Experience Design and Evaluation
02-Aug-23MechanicalFall & WinterMechanics & DesignAircraft Design
02-Aug-23Mechanical & IndustrialFall & WinterMaterials / EnergyNon-Destructive Diffusion-wave Techniques and Imaging for Solar Cells and Clean Energy Conversion Optoelectronic Devices
02-Aug-23MechanicalFall & WinterBioengineeringNear infrared blood oxygenation of biomaterials and tissues for disease diagnosis using differential wavelength modulated thermophotonic imaging
02-Aug-23Mechanical & IndustrialFall & WinterMaterials / EnergyDynamic Imaging of Solar Cell Optoelectronic Quality using a Near-Infrared Camera
02-Aug-23MechanicalFall & WinterMaterials / EnergyFuel Cells Electroplated
02-Aug-23MechanicalFall & WinterMaterials / EnergyFuel Cells Stack Modeling
02-Aug-23Mechanical & IndustrialFall & WinterRoboticsAi-Embedded Robotics
02-Aug-23MechanicalFall & WinterInformation EngineeringMachine Learning and Data Management
02-Aug-23MechanicalFall & WinterInformation EngineeringDeep Learning
02-Aug-23MechanicalWinterMechanics & Design - SensingMonitoring Wind Turbine Blades
12-Jul-23MechanicalFall & WinterMaterialsHighly Efficient Passive Cooling Structures via Nano-layering
12-Jul-23MechanicalFall & WinterMaterialsBio-inspired Ultra-Strong and Tough Hybrid Composites via Micro-structuring
12-Jul-23MechanicalFall & WinterMaterialsTransforming Polymer Waste into High-Value Carbon Products and Composites: A Sustainable Solution
12-Jul-23MechanicalFall & WinterMaterialsSubcutaneous Vein Detection and Mapping for Home Hemodialysis Self-cannulation
12-Jul-23MechanicalFall & WinterApplied Machine LearningPolymer Microstructure Design and Foaming Optimization via Machine Learning (ML)
12-Jul-23MechanicalFall & WinterMaterialsOptimizing the Microstructure of Bioplastic PLA with Lignocellulosic Biobased Nanofibrils
12-Jul-23MechanicalFall & WinterMaterialsMicro-structuring of Artificial Nacre Structures via Laser-induced Graphene
12-Jul-23MechanicalFall & WinterMaterialsIn-situ Multi-optical Visualization of Phase Change of Polymer/Supercritical Fluid Mixture
12-Jul-23MechanicalFall & WinterMaterialsHighly Stretchable and Self-Healable Organic Semiconductors for Health Monitoring Wearable Sensor
12-Jul-23MechanicalFall & WinterMaterialsLightweighting of Elastomeric Polymers for Flexible Foam Applications
12-Jul-23MechanicalFall & WinterMaterialsFabricating Hierarchically Structured Carbon Aerogels from Sustainable Biomaterials
12-Jul-23MechanicalFall & WinterMaterialsDeep insight into reverse osmosis membrane compaction and characterization using microscopy imaging techniques
12-Jul-23MechanicalFall & WinterMaterialsConductive polymer composites for Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) shielding application
12-Jul-23MechanicalWinterMechanics & DesignMonitoring wind turbine blades
12-Jul-23IndustrialFall & WinterOperations Research / Applied Machine LearningWorkload prediction for radiotherapy
12-Jul-23MechanicalFall & WinterThermofluidsModeling of drop evaporation
12-Jul-23MechanicalFall & WinterThermofluidsApplication of droplets and sprays in different fields, including in fuel injection systems, powder formation in pharma, aerosols, vapes, and inhalers.
12-Jul-23MechanicalFall & WinterMaterials / ThermofluidsFibre fragmentation and release: mechanics, imaging, and analysis
12-Jul-23Mechanical & IndustrialFall & WinterRoboticsList of Topics
12-Jul-23MechanicalFall & WinterMaterials / ThermofluidsNon-Destructive Diffusion-wave Techniques and Imaging for Solar Cells and Clean Energy Conversion Optoelectronic Devices
12-Jul-23Mechanical & IndustrialFall & WinterRoboticsAi-Embedded Robotics
12-Jul-23MechanicalFall & WinterMechanics & DesignAircraft Design

Research projects are added on an ongoing basis, please check back often!

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