Open positions within the Department will be posted on the University of Toronto Careers website. To learn more about the types of positions that may become available and where to find additional information please see below.

Faculty Positions

Tenure steam, teaching stream, and contractually limited-term appointments of one year or longer are posted on the University of Toronto Careers website.

Research Positions

The Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering fills Post-doctoral, Research Associate and Research Administrator positions throughout the year.

Most of these positions are posted on the University of Toronto Careers website.

For possible Post-doctoral opportunities, please contact professors directly.

Post-Doctoral Fellow - ATOMS Laboratory: Batteries and EVs

Teaching Assistantships

TA positions are listed on the MIE TA Online Application System - (UTORid or JOINid required).

Sessional Lecturers


Sessional Lecturer positions are posted on the University of Toronto Careers website under CUPE 3902 (Unit 3) Opportunities.

Unit 3 Application Form

The Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 3902, Unit 3 (CUPE Local 3902) represents employees engaged in teaching, demonstrating, tutoring or marking /grading on contracts of less than one year.

General Information – Sessional Lecturers

Generally speaking, we expect to make decisions concerning Fall and Spring courses in April. However, some decisions may be made earlier or later than this time, depending on circumstances. Unexpected vacancies may arise at any time.

Applications will be retained for twelve (12) months. Persons who submit applications and CVs will receive e-mailed job postings for specific positions for the subsequent twelve (12) months.

This notice is posted pursuant to the CUPE Local 3902 Unit 3 Collective Agreement. Please note that in accordance with that agreement, preference in hiring is given to qualified persons holding the rank of Sessional Lecturer II.


When available, CUPE 3901 (Unit 1) positions will also appear here.

Unit 1 Application Form

Fall 2022

MIE366H1 - Electronics for Robotics - EMERGENCY POSTING (Deadline: September 15, 2022)

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