Master of Engineering


The Master of Engineering program provides graduate students with advanced professional training through coursework and an optional project.

MIE's MEng program provides graduate students with the tools to succeed in professional practice. The program consists of coursework and an optional project conducted under the supervision of an MIE faculty member. Students have the option to complete the MEng program on a full-time, extended full-time or part-time basis.

MEng students can customize their degree by pursuing a certificate in addition to their degree and/or choosing an area of emphasis such as Analytics, Robotics & Mechatronics or Advanced Manufacturing.

MEng students who want to pursue a PhD degree after graduation are encouraged to complete a project. MIE also offers the research based Master of Applied Science (MASc) degree which is the usual path to the PhD program.


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Admission Requirements

Please note that meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. The Graduate Office cannot provide assessments of credentials.

  • A bachelor's degree with high academic standing from a recognized university
  • Minimum GPA requirement of 3.0 (mid-B; 73-76%) in the final two years of undergraduate study. View U of T's Grade Scale for reference. International students should use the International Degree Equivalencies Tool to see which international credentials are required
  • Applicants from universities outside Canada where English is not the primary language of instruction must provide English Language Proficiency (ELP) exam results unless: 1) The applicant’s admitting degree IS listed under Exemptions on the School of Graduate Studies website or 2) the applicant can provide official documentation from their admitting institution that instruction was in English.
    • To be considered for admission, all applicants that require proof of ELP must meet the minimum score requirement for every component of the English language proficiency exam including reading, writing, speaking and listening
    • All test components must be completed and passed at the same time (applicants cannot combine scores from different exams)
    • For more information, including approved test centres, visit the School of Graduate Studies website

Full-time, Extended Full-time & Part-time options

Students choose whether they want to complete the MEng program on a full-time, extended full-time or part-time basis at time of application. International applicants are strongly encouraged to pursue the extended full-time option. Please note that the program length can impact the length of an international student's work visa after graduation.


  • Able to complete program in one year OR three sessions (additional fees apply)
  • May take up to five half-courses per session
  • Maximum length of program is three years
  • Students who start as full-time can transfer to part-time at the beginning of second session, but cannot transfer back.

Extended full-time

  • FT program delivery is extended to two years
  • Minimum program length is two full years of program registration
  • Students who complete the program in less than two years are still required to pay the minimum program fee
  • May take up to a maximum of seven half-courses per year
  • Maximum length of program is three years
  • Students cannot transfer into or out of extended full-time


  • Must complete program within six years
  • Maximum of two half-courses per session (fall, winter & summer) up to a maximum of four half-courses per 12 months
  • Students who start as part-time can later transfer to full-time, but cannot transfer back.

Tuition Fees

The information below is for reference only and is subject to change annually. Registered students should check their fee balance on their ACORN account. View the U of T Student Accounts website for more information about fees.


  • Pay annually:

Domestic students: $15,028.65/year

International students: $63,378.65/year

  • Pay per session:

Domestic students: $7,586.61/session

International students: $32,121.61/session

Extended full-time

  • Minimum Program Fee is the equivalent of 2 years of annual EXT-FT fees
  • Pay annually:

Domestic students: $8,338.65/year

International students: $33,178.65/year

  • Pay per session:

Domestic students: $4,241.61/session

International students: $17,021.61/session


  • Pay annually:

Domestic students: $4,909.13/year

International students: $19,918.13/year

  • Pay per session:

Domestic students: $2,473.12/session

International students: $10,337.62/session

Financing your MEng program

The MEng program is self-funded and prospective students may look into work-study and government student funding or a student line of credit through their banking institution to support their financial needs while in the program.  MEng students are generally not eligible for awards or scholarships, except where indicated.

MEng students are eligible to apply for TAships and the SGS Financial Aid & Advising Office is a resource for realistic budgeting.  Financial advisors can also assist in uncovering additional sources of funding through loans and grants. Finally, the UofT Centre for Career Exploration and Education is a resource for students seeking work and career advice.



Applicants to MIE's MEng program must complete the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) Online Admissions Application by the deadlines indicated below.

Applicants who submit their fees and/or documents after the posted deadlines cannot be considered for admission.

Application review for Fall intake begins January 30.

Application review for Winter intake begins July 31.


Annual application deadline for Canadian Citizens & Permanent Residents

  • September (Fall) start: Application fee due June 1 (Complete application by June 15).
  • January (Winter) start: Application fee due October 1 (Complete application by October 15).

Annual application deadline for International Students

  • September (Fall) start: Application fee due April 1 (Complete application by April 15).
  • January (Winter) start: Application fee due August 1 (Complete application by August 15).

MEng Application Instructions

Students are not required to submit paper copies of their documents unless requested by the Graduate Office.

To apply:

  • Create an SGS applicant profile and pay the application fee (non-refundable/transferable, regardless of the circumstance). See application deadlines above.

Once your profile has been created, the following is required:

1) References: Two references are required and can be either:

  • 1 academic and 1 professional or 2 academic references.
    • Academic references must come from a current or previous course instructor/professor from your undergraduate studies.
    • References from workshops or other programs not associated with your undergraduate degree will not be accepted.
  • Email addresses for referees must be institution-based (not GMail, Hotmail, etc.) and must be added to the SGS Application Portal. Instructions will be sent to each referee by email via the SGS Application Portal requesting to submit an electronic reference letter. Please contact if you experience issues.

References from family and friends will not be accepted.

2) Academic record / transcript(s): We require the most up-to-date transcript of your academic history, including at least one term of final year grades. Expect assessment delays if the one term of final year grades is missing from your transcript.  All post-secondary institutional transcripts must be uploaded in a high-res quality PDF file.  Every transcript must include a grading scale. You are not required to submit official paper transcripts unless requested by the Graduate Office.

3) Letter of Intent and CV: We require a Letter of Intent and your most up-to-date CV as part of the application process.  For information on how to best prepare a Letter of Intent please go here.

If you are receive an email request for paper documents, mail to:

Master of Engineering Program
Graduate Studies Office, MC108
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
5 King’s College Road
Toronto, ON M5S 3G8 Canada

Transferring from Research programs or MEng programs in other departments

Current UofT students interested in transferring into the MIE M.Eng program may request a pre-assessment prior to obtaining sign-off from Admitting (Home) Department.

Transfer requirements:

  • Min 3 UofT graduate courses
  • 1 MIE graduate course with a B+ grade
  • B+ overall UofT graduate GPA
  • No FZ among UofT graduate courses
  • Admission file transferred from Admitting Department to MIE (including references, c.v., statements, transcripts, etc.)

Note: Prospective students may not transfer into another MIE MEng program (PT, FT or EXT FT); or from MEng to MASC or PhD and vice versa.  Prospective students must pay a separate application fee for each program.

Deferring the start of your admission

Students may request a delay to the start of their program (Admission Deferral) as long as the request is made prior to the registration deadline of their first term.

An official record of any academic study undertaken in the interim must be submitted as a condition of deferred admission.

To request a deferral, new students must make the request via the on-line Admission Deferral form. Requests and inquiries regarding deferring your program start cannot be answered via email.

Clearing admission conditions

Admission conditions are included with most offers.  Students must clear conditions or communicate with the Grad Office about their conditions by the deadline posted in the offer.

To submit an inquiry regarding you admission conditions, new students must make the request via the on-line Admission Clearance form. Requests and inquiries regarding clearing conditions cannot be answered via email.

Program Requirements

MEng students must successfully complete 5.0 full-course equivalents (FCEs):

Coursework only Option:

  • ten graduate (500 and 1000 level) Half Credit Equivalent (HCE) courses (= 5.0 full-course equivalents (FCEs)).
    • A majority (6/10) of the courses must be considered technical.  These are either offered by the Department of MIE, or found on the APS Approved Course list below*.


Coursework (3.5 FCE) + Project Option (1.5 FCE) = total 5.0 FCE

  • seven graduate (500 and 1000 level) Half Credit Equivalent (HCE) courses (= 3.5 full-course equivalents (FCEs)).
    • A majority (4/7) of the courses must be considered technical.  These are either offered by the Department of MIE, or found on the APS Approved Course list below* and;
  • one MIE8888Y MEng Project/APS1803Y Interdisciplinary Project (=1.5 credits FCE)
    • Students can opt-in to the project option no later than the term in which they are completing their seventh course
    • Letter grades are used to evaluate completed project. A grade of FZ will result in automatic program termination.  Project students should contact the graduate office for program advising as needed.
    • Project students must submit a clearance form upon completion of project to convocate.

MIE equivalent APS approved technical courses:

APS 502H: Financial Engineering
APS 1005H: Operations Research for Engineering Management
APS 1016H:  Financial Management for Engineers
APS 1017H: Supply Chain Management and Logistics
APS 1022H: Financial Engineering II
APS 1040H: Quality Control for Engineering Management
APS 1050H: Blockchain Technologies
APS 1051H: Investment Portfolio Management
APS 1052H: A.I. in Finance
APS 1070H: Foundations of Data Analytics and Machine Learning
APS 1080H: Introduction to Reinforcement Learning

*It is possible to replace an MIE technical course with an approved non MIE/APS equivalent. If there is a course you are interested in taking in place of a technical MIE/APS course, please submit your request through our on-line form. Students admitted prior to Fall 2021 are assured that courses appearing on the previously posted list will be honoured. Requests and inquiries regarding replacement courses cannot be answered via email.


1) FT EXT program fee is invoiced over two years and students are expected to complete program requirements over six sessions (two years).  FT EXT students and are limited to; a) seven half courses per year (12 months) and, b) three half courses per session. Students who complete the requirements in fewer than 2 years will be required to pay their program fee in full before convocating.

2) Two course failures (below 70% or B-) will result in an automatic recommendation to SGS for program termination.

Transfer Credit Requests

Students may request transfer credit for up to two previously completed courses (grade of at least B+) that were not used for credit towards a degree.

The request must be made in the student's first session of registration. 

  • Submit a transfer credit request via the transfer request form. Requests and inquiries regarding transfer credits cannot be answered via email.

MEng Academic & Career Advising

MEng students looking for academic advice on graduate course selection or career opportunities may submit a question to Industrial and Mechanical Engineering faculty members via the link below:

Ask the IE or ME Faculty Advisor


Courses, Technical Emphases & Certificates

View the Courses page to view all offered MIE courses.

Be advised that MIE offers very few graduate courses in the summer term. MEng students should plan to take required MIE courses in the fall and winter terms, and investigate summer course options across:

FASE (The Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering)

ELITE (Emphasis in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Innovation and Technology in Engineering)

All other graduate programs at UofT

Consult the MEng program requirements when designing your timetable.


Technical Emphasis
MEng students can customize their program by choosing an area of technical emphasis which will appear on their transcript (if all requirements are met). Click on an emphasis to view requirements:


MEng Certificate
Students can also pursue an MEng Certificate. Students interested in pursuing two certificates may only overlap one course between certificates/emphases.  We suggest consulting the MIE Grad Office for advising when trying planning the completion of more than one certificate.

Completion of an MEng certificate will not appear on a student's transcript, students will instead receive a separate certificate of completion. Completion of the certificate requirements will be assessed upon completion of the overall MEng program. Click on a certificate below to view requirements:

Collaborative Specializations

MEng students may pursue a collaborative specialization in the following areas:

  • Knowledge Media Design
    • Upon successful completion of the degree requirements of the participating home graduate unit and the collaborative specialization, students will receive the notation “Completed Collaborative Specialization in Knowledge Media Design” on their transcript.
  • Resuscitation Sciences (currently suspended)


MEng Projects - MIE8888Y and APS1803Y

MEng students have the option of pursuing a project under the supervision of an MIE faculty member. The project may be completed in lieu of three Half Credit Equivalent (HCE) courses.

Students can opt-in to the project option no later than the term in which they are completing their seventh course.

To begin working on an MIE8888Y project:

Step 1:

If you have a concept for a project, students are encouraged to browse MIE's core faculty members to find a supervisor for their project. Students can contact faculty members directly to see who may be available and interested in supervising their project.

Alternatively, students may browse currently available MEng projects listed on the MEng Project Opportunities page.

Step 2:

Once you have secured a project supervisor, provide the supervisor with the link to submit the syllabus to the Grad Office:

Individual project syllabus form

(You may skip this step if your project syllabus was provided on the project website).

Step 3:

Submit an MEng Project enrollment form.

The form requires that students upload:

  1. the SGS Add form
  2. a copy of email confirmation from the project supervisor to supervise the project.
    • If the project has a syllabus on the project website, please upload as one document with the email confirmation.
    • if the supervisor submitted an individual syllabus, there is no need to submit the syllabus.

Step 4:

Confirm project enrolment by checking your academic record on ACORN 1 week after submitting the project enrollment form.

If it does not appear on ACORN, submit an inquiry via the advising form and select "Project Advice".

Completing a Project:

Upon completion of the project, the student must submit a final project report (or other deliverable as identified in the syllabus) to their supervisor for grading, requirements for APS1803 may vary.

Neither SGS nor the MIE Grad Office require a copy of the final report.  If the student's supervisor requests a printed copy, visit the SGS website for standard formatting requirements.  If a printed report is requested by the supervisor, MIE specific formatting requires that the binding of theses should be good quality buckram hard-cover, with gold lettering. Colour of MEng project cover must be orange

After submitting their final deliverable to their supervisor, the student must:


Financial Aid

The MEng program is self-funded. Students may look to their home province for financial aid and visit the SGS website for financial aid and advising.

Teaching Assistantships

All full-time graduate students are eligible to apply for Teaching Assistant (TA) paid positions at MIE. TAs assist undergraduate and graduate course instructors with supervision of labs, leading tutorials and marking assignments and tests.

Apply for TA positions and view more job and volunteer opportunities on the Professional Development page.

MEng to MASC or PhD

Students who complete their MEng degree with a strong academic record may be eligible for transfer from the professional program to the research program.

To apply to the MIE graduate research stream programs.

The student must:

  • demonstrate a strong academic record from their MEng program with no courses receiving a grade below A-
  • have completed an MEng Research Project
  • have a supervisor willing to support them in their MASC or PhD studies


Note: MASC students who transfer from the MEng program receive up to 6 terms of funding less the amount of terms completed in the MEng.  For example, a student that transfers from the MEng program to the MASC program after completing 2 terms in the MEng will receive up to 4 additional terms of MASC funding.


AMIGAS is the graduate student association at MIE. They host social, athletic, academic, and professional development events for all MIE graduate students, aiming to enrich their professional and personal leadership experiences.

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