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MIE encourages exchange opportunities for both inbound and outbound students. Below are guidelines to help students satisfy exchange program requirements.


  • Choose a Program – Examine the provided list of partner universities with which MIE and the Centre for International Experience (CIE) have exchange agreements.
  • Apply – Submit an application for exchange through CIE. Students will be required to submit an academic reference letter, statement of intent, questionnaire form, resume, and bursary application (optional) upon applying for exchange.
  • Conditional Nomination – If selected, students will receive a conditional nomination from CIE. Students will be notified of the result of their bursary application at this time. Students can view the status of their application on CIE’s Student Portal.
  • Transfer Credit Assessment – Upon receiving notice of conditional nomination, students should drop into the MIE Undergraduate Office, MC109 to discuss the transfer credit assessment process. Students will be required to submit a Transfer Credit Form and provide a syllabus/course description for each course they wish to have assessed.
  • Placement Confirmation – Once officially accepted, students will receive an admissions letter from the host institution. Bursary funds will be released once CIE receives notice that the student accepted the offer of admission.
  • Pre-Departure Requirements – students must satisfy certain requirements prior to going on exchange.
  • Study Plan – Once enrolled in courses, students should submit a Study Plan to the MIE Undergraduate Office.
  • Exchange – Students should go on exchange (obviously).
  • Transcripts – Upon completing their exchange program and prior returning to the University of Toronto, students should have a transcript from the university at which they studied sent over to CIE. The MIE Undergraduate Office will then work with CIE and the APSC Registrar’s Office to ensure the appropriate transfer credits are rewarded.
  • Review – Students should review their transfer credits on ROSI and study plan to ensure they are still on the right path to graduate.


MIE’s Course Equivalency Database for Exchange (CEDE)

Visit MIE's Course Equivalency Database for Exchange site to search past responses to transfer credit requests from students who applied to the International Exchange Program. Please be advised that this database should only be used for referencing past decisions. Course equivalencies are continuously reviewed and are subjected to change by the Department.

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The Centre for International Experience is responsible for facilitating student exchange programs and helps with non-academic matters relating to studying abroad, such as guidance on visa requirements, accommodation, tax office, medical care, etc.

The MIE Undergraduate Office will help facilitate the transfer credit assessment process, and assist in developing a study plan for students.

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