Learning Abroad

Looking to enhance your U of T Engineering education through international study? The opportunity to expand horizons and make your mark as a global citizen can be made a reality through the Centre for International Experience (CIE) Learning Abroad program. To learn more about the variety of international learning options, please visit the CIE events page.

Undertaking this pivotal and valuable experience involves the below steps:

  1. Program Selection: Explore the list of approved partner institutions on the Learning Abroad website: https://learningabroad.utoronto.ca/learning-abroad/.
    • Visit the MIE Course Equivalency Database for Exchange (CEDE) at https://exchange.mie.utoronto.ca/mie to see if your preferred institution offers transfer credits. If the institution is NOT on CEDE, it likely means that MIE has not partnered with that institution. In such cases, you can refer to the institution’s academic calendar to find similar courses that align with MIE requirements.
  2. Application Process: All applications will be submitted to the Centre for International Experience (CIE).
    • MIE can help facilitate this process. Scheduling a meeting with your Academic Advisor will help you prepare your application package.
    • Schedule this meeting at least 1-2 months BEFORE the application deadline to discuss your academic plan for the exchange. You will receive targeted advice to help develop a study plan, which will help make the most of your global experience.
  3. Conditional Nomination: Should you be selected for this program CIE will contact you with a conditional nomination.
    • Next step: Submit a transfer credit request via the MIE transfer credit system on CEDE.
    • When the transfer credit decision has been made, schedule a follow-up meeting with your Academic Advisor to finalize your academic plan based on the courses approved for transfer credit.
  1. Placement Confirmation: Your host institution will formally accept you with a letter of admission.
    • Remember: CIE may need additional information from you during this time so keep track of any updates CIE may send.
  1. Transcript Submission: After you have studied abroad and gained important skills that you can apply to your professional world and beyond, it is critical that you work with the host institution to get your final transcripts to CIE.
    • The MIE Undergraduate Office is here to support this process and will work with CIE and the Engineering Registrar's Office to make sure appropriate transfer credits are added to your transcript.

Undertaking global learning opportunities gives students the chance to grow academically, develop lasting friendships and create lifelong memories. It is never too early to begin planning, and both MIE and CIE are here to help you create a rewarding experience.

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