Data-driven farming: MIE grad’s spin-off develops low-cost sensors for Nepal

March 9, 2018 – Ahmed Mahmoud (MIE MASc 1T6) hopes that his new invention — an unassuming grey box about the size of a coffee mug, attached to a metal probe — will be the key to significant improvements in crop yields for farmers in Nepal and around the world. “It’s actually pretty straightforward in terms of … Read More

MIE student’s work featured in Oscar-winning film ‘The Shape of Water’

March 7, 2018 – When The Shape of Water won the Academy Award for Best Picture, U of T Engineering student Charlie Katrycz had a personal reason to celebrate. The MEng candidate in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering was part of the team that built a giant water tank to hold the humanoid amphibian character at the … Read More

‘It’s really shocking’: MIE alumna and entrepreneur on the tech industry’s lack of gender diversity

February 28, 2018 – Huda Idrees (IndE 1T2+PEY) thought she entered the male-dominated tech industry with her eyes wide open. But the University of Toronto engineering alumna says she was totally unprepared for what she found. “I’ve actually been in situations where my employer has tried to pay a male subordinate of mine more money than me,” … Read More

From developing organs-on-a-chip, to developing film: meet Lian Leng, bioengineer and fashion photographer

February 27, 2018 – When Lian Leng (MIE MASc 1T0, PhD 1T4) was a graduate student at MIE, her research garnered headlines and awards.  Under the supervision of Professor Axel Guenther (MIE), she developed a 3D skin-tissue printer, a technology that could help burn victims and revolutionize burn care. After Lian graduated from U of … Read More

Andrew Forde aims to connect Canadians with a new Idea of North

February 6, 2018 – Engineering student, musician, entrepreneur and philanthropist Andrew Forde (MSE 1T1, IndE PhD candidate) strives to challenge the status quo with his projects. Now, the multi-talented artist is debuting a new musical composition he designed to reflect modern Canada. Called The Ideas of North, the concert will be performed on Friday, February 9th at Koerner Hall. Inspired … Read More

This engineering startup is giving Canada’s Olympic skiers a fresh edge

February 6, 2018 – At the Olympics, being a tenth of a fraction slower to react can be the difference between winning a medal and missing the podium. Grad student Amol Rao (MIE MEng candidate) is making sure Team Canada has an extra edge. “Our main goal is to help people sleep, something that is especially important … Read More

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