Scholarships & Funding

Graduate Student Funding

Master of Applied Science & PhD students

Registered MASc and PhD candidates receive funding to cover tuition and incidental fees - 2 years for MASC and upto 4 years for PhD students with a Masters degree and upto 5 years for direct-entry PhD students. In addition to tuition and fees, while in the funded co-hort, MASc students receive a minimum of $17,000 per year for up to two years and PhD students receive a minimum of $20,000 per year for up to four years (5 years for direct-entry PhD).

View the MIE 2021-2022 Funding policy.

Students must be in good academic standing to maintain financial support. View MASc Program Requirements and PhD Program Requirements for more information on maintaining good academic standing.

Master of Engineering students

The M.Eng program is self-funded and prospective students may look into work-study and government student funding or a student line of credit through their banking institution to support their financial needs while in the program.  M.Eng students are generally not eligible for awards or scholarships, except where indicated.

M.Eng students are eligible to apply for TAships and the SGS Financial Aid & Advising Office is a resource for realistic budgeting.  Financial advisors can also assist in uncovering additional sources of funding through loans and grants. Finally, the UofT Centre for Career Exploration and Education is a resource for students seeking work and career advice.

Funding Administration

Students must report any change in immigration status to the MIE Graduate Studies Office and to the MIE Payroll Office (MC134A), as this may affect the tuition a student pays, and thus the funding that will be provided. Students are responsible for paying tuition and fees from their scholarship, RA, and MIE fellowship funding. RA and fellowship funding is administered as follows:

MIE fellowship payments

MIE fellowship payments are processed on ACORN by the MIE Graduate Office, in two installments: FALL and WINTER.  There is no SUMMER installment.

The FALL fellowship installment is equivalent to the total fellowship for September to August divided by 12 and multiplied by 4 (total fellowship/12*4). Students must be registered in the Fall term to receive the Fall installment.  The Fall installment is processed on the last Monday of October and is made available to students via direct deposit.

The WINTER fellowship installment is equivalent to the total fellowship for September to August divided by 12 and multiplied by 8 (total fellowship/12*8). Students must be registered in the Winter term to receive the Winter installment. The Winter installment is processed on the last Friday of February, and is first applied to tuition and/or any outstanding charges; any remaining credit is refunded to the student via direct deposit.

Students are required to set up direct deposit banking on ACORN to receive fellowship payments securely and quickly, as mailed cheques may take weeks to reach students. See the Managing Your Award page on the SGS website for more information.

RA payments

RA payments are processed by the MIE Payroll Office (MC 134A). These are deposited monthly to a student’s bank account. Students must contact the MIE Payroll Office to set up direct deposit.

Currently, the RA payment system and the Fellowship payment system are separate.  Banking information must be provided to both the Business office for RA and entered into ACORN to receive Fellowship.

Parental Leave

Graduate students on parental leave do not receive any benefits from MIE and should apply to SGS for a parental grant. The SGS Parental Grant provides a benefit of up to 3 terms for primary parent and up to 2 terms for second parent.  Parental leave must be taken within the first 12 months of the arrival of your new addition.

TAs may be eligible for up to 35 weeks of employment benefits according to the CUPE 1 agreement.

Non-Parental Leave

Graduate students do not receive any funding from MIE while on approved leave.  Please consult with the MIE graduate office if you are considering a leave of absence for illness or any other reason.

Leaves for students holding an award

It is important to refer to your award holder's guide for details on whether or not an award disruption is allowed.



MIE Teaching Assistant Awards

MIE offers up to five Teaching Assistant Awards for TAs of undergraduate courses. Each award consists of a $500 prize.

MIE Graduate Student Conference Grants

The MIE Graduate Student Conference Grant Program provides grants (up to $900 CAD each) to support conference-related expenses of MIE students. See the U of T Guidelines for Travel and Other Reimbursable Expenses for a list of eligible expenses.

Applicant must:

  • present a poster or paper, or participate as a panelist at a domestic or international academic or industry-related conference before their convocation date.
  • be a MASc or PhD student registered in an MIE graduate program (their home department is MIE). Applicants must be a student at the time of attending their conference.
  • not have received a conference or travel grant from MIE within the past 24 months.
  • Complete a Student Conference Grant application before the following deadlines:
    • Fall 2020 (conference between Sept 1 - Dec 31, 2020) - Deadline is September 30, 2020
    • Winter 2021 (conference between Jan 1 - Apr 30, 2021) - Deadline is January 30, 2021
    • Summer 2021 (conference between May 1 - Aug 31, 2021) - Deadline is May 30, 2021

The MIE Graduate Student Conference Grant Program is by reimbursement only – an award will be withdrawn if an awardee does not attend the conference.

Applications are reviewed on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. the level of participation of the applicant in the conference (i.e. paper, presentation, poster, invited talk)
  2. the academic and professional merit of the candidate
  3. the degree to which the activity will enhance the academic experience of the MIE graduate student and/or expand his/her networks with other leading scholars or institutions.

Submitting a claim after the conference:

Within one month of the conference date, recipients of an MIE Conference Grant must:

  • complete an expense form, available from MC134, along with original receipts. Receipts should be numbered and taped to blank sheets of paper. Refer to Sections A and B of How To Claim an Expense Reimbursement
  • provide proof of conference registration
  • provide proof of participation (for example, copy of program showing your name and participation)

If the expenses total less than $900 CAD, students will be reimbursed for only the amount claimed. Any expenses incurred over this amount must be covered by the student.

Scholarships (Research Students)

Students must report all scholarship income to the Graduate Office ( and MIE's Business Office ( Scholarships that are awarded competitively with a financial award of less than $3,000 do not affect other funding. Other funding may be adjusted for students who are awarded competitive scholarships in amounts greater than $3,000.

Canada Graduate Scholarships (MASC)

The Canada Graduate Scholarships (Master's Program) includes:

  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada
  • Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR)
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)

View eligibility requirements on the Canada Graduate Scholarships website

Submission deadline: December 1

Apply via the Government of Canada's Research Portal


Ontario Graduate Scholarship (MASC, PHD)

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) program provides merit-based scholarships to Ontario’s best graduate students in all disciplines of academic study.

Submission deadline:

  • Domestic students: March 31
  • International students: February 15

View eligibility requirements and apply via the School of Graduate Studies website


Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology (MASC and PHD-domestic)

Student submission deadline: March 31

Visit the Ontario Student Assistance Program website for more details.

To Apply - On your OGS application: Select YES to: Would you like this OGS application to be considered in other graduate award competitions (e.g. QEII-GSST, awards for Black and/or Indigenous students) for which you may be eligible at the University of Toronto?

Separate application requirements will not be necessary for MIE:


Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (Doctoral)

The Vanier CGS program aims to attract and retain world-class doctoral students by supporting students who demonstrate both leadership skills and a high standard of scholarly achievement in graduate studies in social sciences and humanities, natural sciences and engineering, and health. The Vanier CGS program strongly encourages candidates to pursue their studies beyond the university that granted their previous degree(s).

Student submission deadline: September 3

Visit the School of Graduate Studies website for more information and to apply.


CIHR/NSERC/SSHRC Postgraduate Scholarships (Doctoral)

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada Postgraduate Scholarships, and The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) – Doctoral (CGS D) programs provide financial support to high-calibre scholars engaged in eligible research areas.

For eligibility requirements and application process:

Canada Graduate Scholarships – Doctoral program


NSERC Transcript Designate:

Celeste Francis Esteves

Transcripts must be requested by September 15


CIHR and NSERC final student submissions must be sent to Celeste Francis Esteves by: September 17, 11:59 p.m.

SSHRC Submissions must be sent to Kendra Hunter by September 22, 11:59 p.m.

Endowed Fellowships

MIE Endowed Fellowships – Deadline to submit applications is October 18th, 2021

Application Form

The Department of MIE has a number of fellowships endowed by generous alumni and friends.

  • MASc students can only hold an MIE Endowed Fellowship within the first two years of study;
  • MEng students that have transferred to MASc can only hold an MIE Endowed Fellowship within the first two years of study from initial registration of the MEng program;
  • PhD students can only hold an MIE Endowed Fellowship within the first four years; direct-entry PhD within the first five years of study;
  • Fast-track PhD students can only hold an MIE Endowed Fellowship within the first five years from initial registration in the Master's program.

To qualify – Students must be in good academic standing with minimum grade average of A-; satisfactory research progress; in financial need.

Depending on how much money is in each account, awardees will receive up to $3k on top of other funding; the remaining fellowship award will be used to offset RA and MIE fellowship funding.

To be considered for MIE Endowed Fellowships/Bursaries, students must submit:

  1. MIE Endowed Fellowship Application
    • upload a one-page statement highlighting academic strength, research area, and leadership skills (10GB max)
  2. A link to the Financial Need Assessment Form (FNAF)  is accessible from the Endowed Fellowship application form.  Data from the FNAF is required to apply for awards indicated with **Need-Based/OSOTF Award**.
    • applicants do not need to submit the FNAF at time of application, but students can be asked to produce the verification purposes at a later date

Students may apply for more than one award in this competition by submitting one complete application package.

Applications must be submitted via the Application Form by October 18.

MIE various bursaries (Indicated below as **Need-based/OSOTF)

A number of bursaries are available to MIE MASc and PhD students who are in financial need.  Bursary amount: $500 to $3,000

Students must be in good academic standing with minimum grade average of A-; satisfactory research progress.

Request for extenuating circumstances to be taken into consideration for bursaries should be indicated in the application – please provide a brief description of the circumstances.

Note:  Students may not hold the same endowed fellowship awarded in previous year(s).


The following is a list of fellowships endowed by generous alumni and friends of MIE:

Healthcare (MASC & PhD)

Barbara and Frank Milligan Graduate Fellowships
Awarded to MIE/IBBME graduate students engaged in biomedical research.

Henry Moller Graduate Scholarship
Graduate students in the Interactive Media Lab, who demonstrate academic excellence and who are undertaking advanced research relating to mental wellness and multimedia.

Peri Family Graduate Scholarship in Healthcare Engineering
Awarded to one or more graduate student(s) enrolled in MIE undertaking advanced research in the field of healthcare engineering. The candidate will be selected based on academic merit and commitment to pursuing innovative solutions in healthcare.

Weber and Mariano Graduate Scholarship in Biomedical Engineering
Awarded to MIE graduate student(s) who are undertaking advanced research in Biomedical Engineering. The candidate will be a mechanical engineering student who demonstrates academic excellence.

Healthcare (PhD)

6T6 Industrial Engineering 50th Fellowship in Healthcare Engineering
Awarded to a PhD student in Healthcare Engineering

Energy/Thermodynamics (MASC & PhD)

Bert Wasmund Graduate Fellowships in Sustainable Energy Research
Awarded on the basis of academic merit to MIE doctoral-stream graduate students specializing in the recovery and utilization of energy derived sustainably from the sun. Preference will be given to students conducting research in the areas of power generation from solar cells and wind turbines, systems for the efficient use of sustainably derived thermal and electrical energy, and energy storage by batteries and other means.

David Sanborn Scott Graduate Fellowship
Awarded to an MIE graduate student who is engaged in research in the areas of Hydrogen and Low-Carbon Energy Systems.

Pierre Rivard Hydrogenics Graduate Fellowships
Awarded to MIE graduate students engaged in research in the area of alternative energy.

Ron D. Venter Graduate Fellowship
Awarded to an MIE graduate student who is engaged in research in the areas of Hydrogen and Low-Carbon Energy Systems.

Russell A. Reynolds Graduate Fellowships in Thermodynamics
Awarded to MIE doctoral-stream graduate students engaged in research in the area of thermodynamics.

Bill Shaw Memorial Graduate Fellowships
Awarded to MIE graduate students of high academic standing, who specialize in the area of Maintenance Optimization or Reliability Engineering (MORE). Fellowship recipients are expected to provide Ivara Corporation with a paper they’ve written during their studies, and include a profile of themselves.

Automotive (MASC & PhD)

Neil Duncan Thompson Fellowship (*Need-based/OSOTF Award)
Awarded to MIE graduate students whose thesis research is in the field of engines or motor vehicles.

PhD Students only

Edmond G. Odette Scholarship in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Awarded to PhD student(s) in MIE on the basis of academic merit

Glynn Williams Fellowship (*Need-based/OSOTF Award)
Awarded to a most promising doctoral candidate beginning the Ph.D. program within the Department of MIE. Eligibility is restricted to Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Successful applicants will be expected to possess outstanding academic credentials, references and leadership qualities, and show that their research has potential for commercial application that could be of benefit to Canadians.

MASC & PhD Students

Mart Liinve Graduate Scholarship
Awarded to MIE research students on the basis of academic merit

Doctoral Completion Award

MIE offers DCA with the purpose of supporting full-time PhD students who are beyond the funded cohort but within the time limit for the degree. Students must be up to date with PhD committee meetings to receive award.

Winter 2022 - Doctoral Completion Award application - Due Jan 7, 2022

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