Research Overview

Groundbreaking research is conducted at MIE in eight main areas. On the mechanical engineering side, the areas include robotics, mechanics & design, materials and thermofluids. The industrial engineering areas include human factors, information engineering, operations research and applied machine learning.

Our faculty members lead over 50 different groups working in one or more of the department's main areas of research. Browse our research laboratories and centres on the Research Areas & Groups page.

MIE professors collaborate with students, postdoctoral fellows, industry and community partners and colleagues across the University. There are many student research opportunities available for undergraduate and graduate students.

We are always looking to create, and build on, partnerships with those working in industry and community sectors. Learn more about how you can support, and help drive, MIE's research by partnering with MIE.


"Our faculty members lead over 70 labs, institutes, and centres working in a diverse set of research areas. MIE Professors collaborate with over 160 industry and community partners to innovate solutions to problems driven by their needs."

Professor Birsen Donmez
Associate Chair, Research

Connect with MIE's Research Coordinator to learn more about partnership opportunities at

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