Professional Development



Practical Experience Requirement

U of T Engineering undergraduate students must complete a minimum of 600 hours of practical work before graduation. Many students complete these hours during their Professional Experience Year Co-op (PEY Co-op) after their second or third year of study. Learn more about the Practical Experience Requirement on the Discover Engineering website.

To claim hours worked, MIE students must submit a completed Practical Experience Form soon after finishing each work experience to the Undergraduate Office (MC109) along with their supervisor's business card if available. Students can view their accumulated hours of practical experience on Degree Explorer.


Teaching Assistantships

MIE undergraduate students are eligible to apply for Teaching Assistantship positions via the online MIE TA application site.

Learn about MIE Teaching Assistant Awards on the Scholarships & Funding page.


Engineering Career Centre Co-op & Internship Programs

The Engineering Career Centre (ECC) offers two internship programs that are specially designed to help undergraduate U of T Engineering students develop the skills and experience they need for the workplace:

  • Professional Experience Year Co-op (PEY Co-op)
    • Work full-time for 12-16 months
    • Completed after second or third year of undergraduate study
    • Optional
  • Engineering Summer Internship Program (ESIP)
    • Paid 4 month summer co-op experience
    • Open to second and third year undergraduate students
    • Optional

Learn how to enroll in the PEY co-op and ESIP programs on the ECC website


Co-Curricular Record

The Co-Curricular Record is designed to help students find opportunities at U of T beyond the classroom and to have their skills and experiences captured on an official document. It is a centralized directory of paid and unpaid opportunities.


Institute for Multidisciplinary Design and Innovation (UT-IMDI)

The Institute for Multidisciplinary Design and Innovation provides opportunities for engineering undergraduate students across disciplines to work on real-life projects with industry clients. Most projects run from May to August. Students work under the supervision of a senior engineer and a faculty member.

Study & Train

Study Abroad

Learn more about international study opportunities on the Study Abroad page.


Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a certificate offered by U of T's School of Continuing Studies. Topics include understanding quality and its relationship to business strategy, statistical concepts associated with quality, the process of change management and the Lean Six Sigma approach to business process improvement.


Machining Courses

It is beneficial for engineers to have a firm understanding of machining principals and limitations. Students interested in getting involved with campus groups such as Blue Sky Solar Racing or U of T’s Formula Racing Team would greatly benefit from building their machining skills.

U of T Engineering students (including those on PEY), researchers and faculty have access to MIE’s Machine Shop for professional services as well as use of the shop’s equipment and facilities. Courses are offered by the Faculty to provide machining and welding training:

  • Basic Machining: machine shop safety, lathe, mill, drill press.
    Completion of this course required to gain access to the MIE’s Machine Shop facilities in MC78
  • Introduction to Welding: oxy-acetylene, manual arc & gas metal arc welding
  • Advanced Machining: Builds on the concepts introduced in the Basic Machining course. Pre-requisite: Basic Machining
  • Machining III: Builds on the concepts introduced in the Basic Machining course. Pre-requisite: Basic Machining

View all upcoming machining courses on the Event Calendar.


Mechanical Engineering Techniques Summer Program

The Mechanical Engineering Techniques Summer Program focuses on developing U of T Engineering students' practical skills through lab activity. Topics include shop safety, engineering drawing, solid modeling (SolidWorks), basic and intermediate machining, welding, CNC machining and pneumatics.

Info for the 2020 Summer Program will be posted soon.