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This page is for the staff and students of the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of Toronto. It provides information on various aspects of health and safety within the Department. Additional health and safety information can be found at the University of Toronto Office of Environmental Health and Safety.

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Responsibilities of MIE Faculty, Instructors, and Supervisors of Administrative and Technical Staff

Academic Supervisors are responsible for the safety of all students and researchers working under their supervision. As a minimum, they must ensure that all students and staff under their supervision attend the department's safety course (or equivalent). In addition, they are responsible for ensuring that all of their students and researchers have received appropriate safety training for any potential hazards particular to your research.

Course Instructors are responsible for the safety of all Teaching Assistants and students in their course laboratories. As a minimum, they must ensure that the Teaching Assistants have received appropriate safety training with regard to hazards in these laboratories, and that students are supervised at all times when working in a laboratory environment.

Supervisors of Administrative and Technical Staff are responsible for the safety of all full-time and temporary staff working under your supervision. As a minimum, they are responsible for ensuring that all staff receive appropriate safety training for any potential hazards particular to their work environment.

In the event of an accident or injury involving an untrained student or staff, a supervisor may be found liable under the Federal Occupational Health and Safety Act.

In Case of an Accident

First Aid Boxes

First aid boxes are distributed throughout the Mechanical Engineering, Mining, Haultain, and Rosebrugh buildings. All research and undergraduate labs have first aid boxes.

First Aid Stations

Three first aid stations are available within MIE. These are located in:

  • Mechanical Building, Room MC 132
  • Mining Building, Room MB 113
  • Rosebrugh Building, Room RS 214

Reporting Accidents

All accidents requiring medical aid must be reported to the MIE Health and Safety Committee within 12 hours of an accident. As well, an accident report must be filed within 24 hours. The e-forms for employees, and for students/visitors, can be found here.

Emergency Phone Numbers In Case of Severe Accident

  • 911 from a pay phone
    The 911 operator will automatically know where you are calling from. Give your name, location and the type of assistance you require (e.g. ambulance, fire).
  • 2222 from a campus telephone
    Inform the 2222 operator of your building and room number, and of the type of assistance you require (e.g. ambulance, fire). The 2222 operator will relay this information to a 911 operator.
  • 9-911 from a campus telephone
    Dial 9 first and wait for the dial tone before dialing 911. Give your location and room number (including a street address) to the operator. The 911 emergency number from a campus phone does not automatically locate the caller, unlike the 911 numbers dialed from a non-University phone. If possible, post lookouts at entrances to meet help on arrival.

Chemicals and Designated Substances

Information on Use of Chemicals

For information on the safe use of chemicals, consult the following sources of information prior to use:

Designated Substances

Designated Substances refer to biological, chemical, or physical agents, or combinations thereof, to which the exposure by workers is prohibited, regulated, restricted, limited or controlled (e.g. mercury, lead, benzene, asbestos). The official list of designated substances can be viewed here.

For more information on whether a substance is designated, contact U of T Environmental Health and Safety.

Disposal of Waste Chemicals

Waste chemicals must be clearly identified with Chemical Waste Labels attached, and deposited in room MC 122.

MIE Safety Courses & Training Material

The MIE Health and Safety Committee provides various safety courses:

  • Online safety course (For training material, see below)
  • Site-specific safety courses
  • A graduate student general safety course
  • A machine shop safety course
  • Referrals to other safety courses on campus

For more information on these courses please contact Mr. Osmond Sargeant (phone: 978-8563, office: MC 402A).

Online Safety Course Training Material

Health & Safety Committee

The University of Toronto is responsible under the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act for establishing and maintaining joint health and safety committees in the workplace. These committees, consisting of representatives of workers and management, serve to provide consultation and meaningful input from employees in matters relating to health and safety.

Committee Members

Joe Baptista, co-chair
Markus Bussmann
Osmond Sargeant
Tony Ruberto
Keith Hockley
Ryan Mendell
Tom Bernreiter
Irene Tang
Solmaz Karamikamkar
Ali Zolali

Committee Meetings

The MIE Health and Safety Committee meets four times per year to address safety concerns. If you have any safety concerns to add to a meeting agenda, please contact one of the co-chairs at any time.

Joe Baptista, co-chair
Email: | Tel: 416-946-5516 | Office: MC135

(second co-chair TBD)


Compressed Gas Cylinder Caution Form

Accident Report Form

Laboratory Inspection Checklist for PI's or Lab Managers

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