George Brown College Weekend Machining Courses


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U of T Engineering offers a voluntary program by which students (undergraduate and graduate) in any engineering discipline can gain introductory experience at metal machining and welding. Students will have the opportunity to receive hands-on training in George Brown College’s extensive and up-to-date machining facilities. Engineers with a firm understanding of machining principals and limitations can design systems for quick and easy manufacture. Further, students interested in the vast array of campus groups such as the Solar Car Team and Formula SAE will find this training invaluable.

There are four short courses available; each course is two days long and runs on weekends:

  • Basic Machining (machine shop safety, lathe, mill, drill press)
  • Advanced Machining (pre-requisite: Basic Machining course)
  • Machining III (pre-requisite: Advanced Machining course)
  • Introduction to Welding

Students must pass the 2-day George Brown College course “Basic Machining” (or an equivalent college-level course) as one of the requirements for accessing the MC78 student machine shop. This opportunity is open to all engineering undergraduate students and MIE graduate students only.

More information and registration forms are available on the MIE Events website. Scroll to the month and date when you would like to take the course, and register using paypal or a credit card to pay.

Please note that there are NO REFUNDS or exchanges. Do not register until you are sure you can attend.