Reasons to Partner

The world is always changing. The global marketplace is evolving at an exponential pace.

Groundbreaking research is conducted at MIE across a wide range of disciplines and industry partners are an integral part of the process. Together we are solving industry's most complex challenges and advancing technologies to maximize impact in business, our economy and society.

Our world-class faculty members lead over 50 different groups working in one or more of the department's main areas of research. Access a research community of trailblazers driven by ingenuity, excellence and creativity, recruit the global technology leaders of tomorrow, and leverage our leading edge research infrastructure.

We are always looking to create, and build on, partnerships with those working in industry and community sectors. Learn more about how you can support, help drive, and benefit from MIE's research contact our Research Coordinator.

Key benefits of partnership

  • Fuel your talent pipeline

    Access highly qualified students and researchers who have trained with renowned professors

  • Access our breadth of expertise

    Tap into a rich ecosystem of more than 10,000 research, teaching and clinical faculty members across U of T

  • Maximize your ROI

    Leverage your investment with with federal, provincial and institutional matching programs

  • Balanced IP terms

    Straightforward and flexible approach to IP that is among the most industry-friendly in Canada

  • Benefit from our location

    Toronto is ranked 3rd best in the world “to live and work in tech,” ahead of Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and Boston

  • Use our research infrastructure

    Gain access to some of the most advanced laboratories in the world.

Ways to Partner

Sponsor a collaborative research project to address your specific industry- or community-based challenge.

Invest long-term in projects, infrastructure or research chairs related to your strategic needs.

Engage senior undergraduate student in projects, defined by you, to improve your business practices and gain innovative solutions to real-world problems.

Access student talent through internships and co-ops, share job opportunities, or network with our alumni.

Dionna Aleman - Industry and Community partnerships

"When you work in engineering, it's hard to get anything significant done if you don't have a real-world collaborator because our work is all about solving real-world problems."

-Professor Dionne M. Aleman, Capstone coordinator

Connect with MIE's Research Coordinator to learn more about partnership opportunities at

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