Machining Courses

U of T Engineering students (including those on PEY), researchers and faculty have access to MIE’s Machine Shop for professional services as well as use of the shop’s equipment and facilities. Courses are offered by the Faculty to provide machining and welding training:

  • Basic Machining: machine shop safety, lathe, mill, drill press (certificate of completion and grade are not provided).
    • Completion of this course required to access MIE’s Machine Shop facilities in MC78.
    • AFTER completion of this course, you may apply for access to the MIE machine shop: Go to MC78 for a short introductory session on our machines.
  • Introduction to Welding: oxy-acetylene, manual arc & gas metal arc welding (certificate of completion and grade are not provided).

Please note that registration is final, and refunds or changes in registration will not be granted.

The fall and winter schedule will be updated periodically.

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