Collaborative Research


Our partnerships with industry, government and other stakeholders enable MIE researchers to develop innovative technology-based solutions that address the needs of an evolving global marketplace. As a partner, our expert faculty enable you to approach your most pressing challenges in a dynamic and driven environment, allowing your company to be nimble in a complex business landscape.

Sponsored collaborative research projects allow your company to meet targeted objectives by partnering on one or more specific initiatives. Through a coordinated integration of research, training and infrastructure support, a comprehensive partnership is designed to advance your company’s innovation agenda. Train and recruit top students in projects specifically related to your work and gain access to our state-of-the-art research infrastructure to elevate your products and services.

This level of partnership offers the highest ROI for a company looking to achieve multiple objectives. Often your contribution can be leveraged against government funding to maximize the return on your innovation investment.

We are always looking to create, and build on, partnerships with industry and community members. To learn more about collaborative research projects or to access specific research equipment, contact our Research Coordinator.

Connect with MIE's Research Coordinator to learn more about collaborative research opportunities at