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  • NSERC – Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA)
  • MIE (Department) or APSC (Faculty) Summer Research Fellowship
  • Science Without Borders program (SWB) students from Brazil
Category Project Contact
MechE Dynamic flow delivery in microfluidic system Lidan You
IndE Minimization of a makespan for multiproject job scheduling Viliam Makis
IndE Application of SPC and DE  in Automotive Industry Viliam Makis
IndE Development of a Stochastic Dynamic Model  for a Make-to-Order Production System Viliam Makis
IndE Quality Control and Improvement Using Lean Six Sigma Approach Viliam Makis
IndE Optimal scheduling of repairs for several production facilities considering a single repair crew Viliam Makis
MechE, IndE, or other Driver and in-car voice-command system interactions Birsen Donmez
MechE, IndE, or other Human-automation coordination in driving: Investigating the impact of automation failures and displays on performance Birsen Donmez
MechE, IndE, or other Driver-Automation Interaction Birsen Donmez
MechE Smart thermostat study Marianne Touchie
Mech, EngSci Development of a computational library of fenestrated stent graft models Cristina Amon
MechE Development of a Catheter for Photoacoustic Endoscopy Imaging of Coronary Artery Lipids Andreas Mandelis