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  • NSERC – Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA)
  • MIE (Department) or APSC (Faculty) Summer Research Fellowship
  • Science Without Borders program (SWB) students from Brazil
Category Project Contact
IndE Design Considerations for Augmented Reality Navigation Aids Greg Jamieson
IndE Attentional Demands of Augmented Reality Navigation Aids Greg Jamieson
MechE Dynamic flow delivery in microfluidic system Lidan You
IndE Minimization of a makespan for multiproject job scheduling Viliam Makis
IndE Application of SPC and DE  in Automotive Industry Viliam Makis
IndE Development of a Stochastic Dynamic Model  for a Make-to-Order Production System Viliam Makis
IndE Quality Control and Improvement Using Lean Six Sigma Approach Viliam Makis
IndE Optimal scheduling of repairs for several production facilities considering a single repair crew Viliam Makis
MechE, IndE, or other Driver and in-car voice-command system interactions Birsen Donmez
MechE, IndE, or other Human-automation coordination in driving: Investigating the impact of automation failures and displays on performance Birsen Donmez
MechE, IndE, or other Driver-Automation Interaction Birsen Donmez
MechE Smart thermostat study Marianne Touchie
Mech, EngSci Development of a computational library of fenestrated stent graft models Cristina Amon
MechE Development of a Catheter for Photoacoustic Endoscopy Imaging of Coronary Artery Lipids Andreas Mandelis