Markus Bussmann

PhD, P.Eng., FCSME

Chair & Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Tel: 416-978-7198
Office: MC136
Research Group: Modeling Materials Processing Laboratory

Research Area


Research Interests

CFD and thermofluids modelling; interfacial and multiphase flows; wetting and contact lines; heat transfer and phase change. Industrial applications include boiler fouling and ash deposition; industrial melting and dissolution processes; oil/water/solids separation.


Markus Bussmann is Chair and Professor in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering (MIE) at the University of Toronto. Professor Bussmann holds BASc (1987) and MASc (1990) degrees from the University of Waterloo, and a PhD (2000) from the University of Toronto. He then spent 2½ years as a postdoc and staff member at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, joined U of T in 2002, served as Graduate Coordinator of MIE from 2009-2013, and as Vice-Dean of Graduate Studies for the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering from 2013-2017.

Professor Bussmann’s research interests focus on the development and application of models for interfacial flow, heat transfer, and phase change associated with various materials processes, often in collaboration with other researchers. Applications include the control of boiler fouling, various melting and dissolution processes, fluid/fluid/particle separation and coating processes, and heat exchanger design. Professor Bussmann was named a fellow of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering in 2011. Professor Bussmann also greatly enjoys teaching, and is a three-time recipient of the MIE Teaching Excellence Award, in 2009, 2011 and 2013.