The Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of Toronto is home to many diverse specialties. From biomechanics to queuing theory, our professors are actively engaged in cutting-edge research spanning many fields. As part of the tenth-best engineering school in all the world, our faculty leads the way not only in teaching, but also in research.

Undergraduate and graduate students alike participate in the research labs directed by our faculty members. Hands-on training and experimentation in serious research environments are available even to first-year students. Our undergraduates have the chance to work alongside world-renowned researchers and experience the excitement of research breakthroughs first-hand.

Our graduate students gain knowledge and experience both in practical application and experimentation, as well as through theoretical field advancement. Our PhD programs in particular have exceptionally strong emphasis on furthering knowledge of our physical world. Our Master’s programs also afford our graduate students the opt for more work in the lab than in the classroom.

To learn about our specialty areas and our many laboratories, please select from the following sections.

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