Administrative Services

Laboratory support

Tomas Bernreiter, Laboratory Engineer & Manager
Tel: 416-946-8189
Fax: 416-978-7753
Office: MC402A
Job Duties
  • Manages the MIE laboratory technical support staff.
  • Develops new and innovative undergraduate labs and equipment.
  • Maintains current lab space and equipment.
  • Provides support for faculty in applying for and implementing LEVY fund.
  • Trains Teaching Assistants in the proper use and safety of undergraduate lab equipment.
  • Provides equipment design support for researchers, including electronics, instrumentation, data acquisition, and mechanical design.
  • Assists students with laboratory projects.
Lindsey Fiddes, Technology Specialist, CMS (On Secondment)
Tel: 416-978-8473
Fax: 416-978-7753
Office: MC404B
Zahra Mirzaei, Cellular Mechanobiology Lab Manager
Tel: 416-978-7365
Office: 661 University‎ Ave, 14th floor
Antonio Ruberto, Senior Student Lab Machinist
Tel: 416-978-0760
Office: MC402A
Osmond Sargeant, Laboratory Technologist
Tel: 416-978-8563
Fax: 416-978-7753
Office: MC402A
Job Duties
  • Designs, repairs, and modifies equipment for undergraduate labs.
  • Investigates, troubleshoots and resolves electronic/electrical issues within the student labs.
  • Maintains current lab space and equipment.
  • Provides electronics, instrumentation, and data acquisition support for researchers.
  • Provides Health and Safety training for all students and researchers.