Administrative Services


David Duong, Student Liaison and MEng Admissions Coordinator (On Secondment)
Tel: 416-978-2805
Fax: 416-978-7753
Office: MC108
Job Duties
  • Front line undergraduate student support, responds to in person, email and telephone requests for information from applicants, current students and Faculty.
  • Maintains and processes practical experience database.
  • Processes add/drop, and section changes on ROSI.
  • Maintains central email address for undergraduate office functions.
  • Schedules and coordinates all mid-term bookings.
  • Assists with the administration of the Undergraduate thesis course.
  • Organizes and arranges meetings and events initiated by the Undergraduate office.
  • Assists with NSERC USRA and Summer Fellowship applications.
  • Maintains curriculum documentation.
Brenda Fung, Graduate Program Administrator
Tel: 416-978-3045
Fax: 416-978-7753
Office: MC108
Job Duties
  • Supervises the day to day activities of the graduate studies office.
  • Provides advice and guidance to applicants and current students regarding admission and program requirements.
  • Coordinates and assists with Teaching Assistant hiring for graduate courses.
  • Coordinates funding to graduate students; scholarship applications.
  • Maintains degree recommendation process including verification of program requirements for graduation and SGS submission for approval.
  • Coordinates all updates to the SGS calendar, including new course proposals.
Kendra Hunter, Graduate Recruitment and MIE TA Coordinator
Tel: 416-978-2805
Office: MC108
Aisha Mirza, Graduate Program Assistant
Tel: 416-978-8481
Office: MC108
Jho Nazal, Graduate Program Assistant
Tel: 416-978-8823
Fax: 416-978-7753
Office: MC108
Job Duties
  • Provides front line support to graduate students and applicants.
  • Maintains and processes applications for graduate programs.
  • Updates application status on SGS, MIE and ROSI systems and issues admission offers.
  • Administers ADMI MEng Program.
  • Processes cheques for U of T Fellowships.
  • Collects and processes graduate course grades on ROSI.
  • Coordinates MEng project submission on T-space.
  • Assists with Graduate course scheduling including room reservation/AV needs, prepares course schedule for web publication.