MEng Certificate in Information Engineering

The MEng Certificate in Information Engineering is designed for both recent graduates and working engineers looking to enhance their skills for professional practice. The role of information systems in engineering is pervasive and evolving at a rapid rate. Completion of this certificate will provide engineers with an understanding of:

  • Advanced Information Technology, including Data Analytics (Big Data), Knowledge Modelling (Semantic Web), Social Networks, Interface Design, and Cloud architectures;
  • Issues, including Privacy and Security; and
  • Engineering, i.e., how information systems are architected.

Students will discover the fundamentals of information engineering through coursework and will further acquire substantial experience through the use of applicable technologies in a supervised project.


To earn an MEng Certificate in Information Engineering, students must complete four core courses, two elective courses, and a project worth three courses supervised by an Information Engineering faculty member.


Students take two years to complete the Information Engineering MEng Certificate as some courses are only offered biennially. Suitable for working professionals who do not wish to enrol on a full-time basis, students may be enrolled on an extended full-time basis and complete the program over a two-year period or on a part-time basis if they wish to take more than two years to complete the program.

Core Courses

Students must take four of the following courses:

MIE1501 Knowledge Modelling and Management
MIE1512 Data Analytics
MIE1513 Decision Support Systems
KMD2002 Technologies for Knowledge Media

Elective Courses

Students must take two elective courses from the following list:

MIE562 Scheduling
MIE566 Decision Analysis
MIE1505 Enterprise Modeling
MIE1510 Ontology Design
MIE1603* Integer Programming (research based)
MIE1653* Integer Programming Applications (MEng based)
Introduction to Data Science and Analytics

*MIE1603/MIE1653: You may only choose to enrol in ONE of these courses, not both.


Students must complete an intensive project on a topic related to information engineering in lieu of three courses.

Under the supervision of an Information Engineer faculty member, students will undertake substantial amount of work developing and designing; writing and coding; testing and implementing a program. Students must be prepared to dedicate time equivalent to three months’ worth of full-time work to complete the project.

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