Thesis and Project Guidelines

MASc and PhD Theses

MASc and PhD students are required to submit:

  • their thesis electronically to SGS (instructions here); and
  • one bound copy of the thesis to the supervisor.

The format and binding requirements are as follows:

  • double-spaced typescript on one side of good quality, standard letter-size paper. Pages should be properly numbered, and provided with adequate margins (left-hand margin at least 1-1/4″ and remaining three margins at least 3/4″). For more information, have a look at the SGS instructions for formatting a thesis.
  • the binding of theses should be good quality buckram hard-cover, with gold lettering. The particular MIE format of the imprints on the front cover and spine (known at U of T Press as Jones-style) is portrayed here. Colour scheme: blue for PhD theses, red for MASc theses.

MEng Project Report

MEng students who have completed a project are required to submit:

  • one bound copy of the project report to the supervisor.

The format and binding requirements for the report are the same as for MASc and PhD theses (above), except that the colour scheme is orange.

MEng Project Grading Form

Once you submit the report to the supervisor, please inform the graduate office ( that you will require a MEng Project Grading form sent to your supervisor. Please indicate the name of your supervisor and the project title in the email.

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