Distinguished MIE Seminar Series (DMSS)

The DMSS provides a venue for top international researchers across major areas of mechanical engineering (MechE) and industrial engineering (IndE) to engage with faculty and students of MIE, and to foster interactions between the department and leading experts from around the world. The DMSS aims to offer graduate students a survey of significant research advances in specialized fields within both MechE and IndE research themes. Every year, MIE will invite and host 8 internationally renowned researchers named Distinguished Speakers for a two-day visit. The speaker will meet with students and give a 45-minute lecture on their latest research work and their perspectives on the current state of their field. It is an opportunity for the MIE community to come together, and to recognize the academic diversity within our own department. For more information about DMSS send an email to

Important: MASc students are required to attend 70% of the Distinguished Seminars only.  Attendance is not taken at non-DMSS seminars, and attendance at these other seminars does not count towards your credit. Download the 2018-2019 student guide.

Operations Research Seminar Series

The OR Seminar Series brings together graduate students, faculty and researchers from the U of T community to interact with prominent scholars in the field of Operations Research (OR). Seminars feature invited guest presenters from around the world, visiting researchers and professor, as well as U of T professors and post-docs. Topics include all variants of OR theory and their applications. All interested are welcome to attend. For more information about the OR Seminar Series contact Prof. Merve Bodur at

PsychEng Seminars

For more information about the PsychEng Seminar Series contact Prof. Li Shu at

*seminar for course credit

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