Course Schedule and Descriptions


Students who wish to enrol in 500-level courses are encouraged to do so as early as possible as seats are limited.

Fall 2016 1000-level graduate courses begin the week of September 12 unless otherwise indicated. 500-level courses, and 1000-level courses associated with a 400-level course, begins the week of September 4.

COURSE ADD/DROP DEADLINES:  2016 course ADD and DROP dates are listed here.

For All Reading Course (MIE 2002H, 2003H, 2004, 2005H) and M.Eng. Project (MIE 8888Y):

     ► ADD and DROP dates are 3 days before the posted SGS deadline

     ►All students must submit a Course ADD/DROP form to the graduate office (signed by student & supervisor)

         as follows: 

Reading Course (2 forms to submit):

MEng Project: (2 forms to submit, MEng Project list here)

COURSE OFFERINGS LEGEND Courses are designated to be taught A: annually, B: biennially (every other year), or C: occasionally. However, instructor availability will sometimes affect when a course is next offered.

Courses designated R are mainly intended for research stream graduate students, to prepare them with a theoretical background. Therefore, these courses tend to be technical and thus are unlikely to be "introductory" or "overview" courses.

The complete list of ELITE (APS) graduate courses is here

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