Mechanical Engineering Curriculum

Fall Session – Year 1

Winter Session

Core Required Courses Course Code Core Required Courses Course Code
Orientation to Engineering APS100H1 Fundamentals of Computer Programming APS106H1
Engineering Strategies & Practice I APS111H1 Engineering Strategies & Practice II APS112H1
Mechanics CIV100H1 Electrical Fundamentals ECE110H1
Calculus I MAT186H1 Calculus II MAT187H1
Linear Algebra MAT188H1 Dynamics MIE100H1
Introduction to Materials Science MSE101H1 Seminar Course: Introduction to Mechanical and Industrial Engineering MIE191H1

Fall Session – Year 2

Winter Session

Core Required Courses Course Code Core Required Courses Course Code
Engineering Analysis MIE230H1 Differential Equations MAT234H1
Probability and Statistics with Engineering Applications MIE231H1 Thermodynamics MIE210H1
Mechanical Engineering Design MIE243H1 Manufacturing Engineering MIE221H1
Materials Science MIE270H1 Mechanics of Solids I MIE222H1
Complementary Studies Elective F Complementary Studies Elective S

Fall Session – Year 3

Winter Session

Core Required Courses Course Code Core Required Courses Course Code
Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines MIE301H1 Design for the Environment MIE315H1
Fluid Mechanics I MIE312H1 Heat and Mass Transfer MIE313H1
Engineering Economics and Accounting MIE258H1 Numerical Methods I MIE334H1
Circuits with Applications to Mechanical Engineering Systems MIE342H1

Quality Control and Improvement – MIE304H1Mechatronics:
Analog and Digital Electronics for Mechatronics – MIE346H1Solid Mechanics & Design:
Mechanics of Solids II – MIE320H1Energy &Environment:
Thermal Energy Conversion MIE311H1

Cellular and Molecular Biology – CHE354H1
Physiological Control Systems – MIE331H1

Natural Science Elective (Choose One)
Engineering Biology CHE353H1
Urban Engineering Ecology CIV220H1
Terrestrial Energy Systems CIV300H1

Fall Session – Year 4

Winter Session

Capstone Design MIE491Y1 Capstone Design MIE491Y1
Complementary Studies Elective F Complementary Studies Elective S

Automated Manufacturing – MIE422H1Mechatronics:
Control Systems I – MIE404H1Solid Mechanics & Design:
Machine Design – MIE442H1Energy & Environment:
Alternative Energy Systems – MIE515H1

Biotransport Phenomena – MIE520H1

Medical Imaging – BME595H1
Biocomposites: Mechanics and Bioinspiration – CHE475H1
Environmental Impact and Risk Assessment – CIV440H1
Operating Systems – ECE344H1
Innovation and Manufacturing of Sustainable Materials – FOR424H1
Vibrations- MIE402H1
Thermal and Machine Design of Nuclear Power Reactors – MIE408H1
Waves and their applications in Non-Destructive Testing and Imaging – MIE433H1
Microprocessors and Embedded Microcontrollers – MIE438H1
Biomechanics I – MIE439H1
Design Optimization – MIE441H1
Mechatronics Systems: Design and Integration – MIE443H1
Reliability and Maintainability Engineering – MIE469H1
Research Thesis – MIE498H1
Research Thesis – MIE498Y1
Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics – MIE504H1
Micro/Nano Robotics – MIE505H1
MEMS Design and Microfabrication – MIE506H1
Fuel Cell Systems- MIE517H1
Advanced Manufacturing Technologies – MIE519H1
Product Design – MIE540H1
Advanced Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer – MIE550H1
Macromolecular Materials Engineering – MSE432H1
Surgical and Dental Implant Design – MSE442H1
Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Fundamentals – MIE507

Aerodynamics – AER307H1
Robotics – AER525H1
Operating Systems – ECE344H1
Industrial Ergonomics and the Workplace – MIE343H1
Systems Modelling and Simulation – MIE360H1
Nuclear Reactor Theory and Design – MIE407H1
Applied Fluid Mechanics – MIE414H1
Design of Innovative Products – MIE440H1
Mechatronics Principles – MIE444H1
Research Thesis – MIE498H1
Research Thesis – MIE498Y1
Combustion and Fuels – MIE516H1
Engineering Psychology and Human Performance – MIE523H1
Engineering Analysis II – MIE563H1
Materials Selection in Design II – MSE401H1