What is Capstone?

An experience in engineering practice through a significant design project whereby student teams meet specific Client needs through a creative, iterative, and open-ended design process.

The project must include:

Some Unique Characteristics of Capstone

Types of Capstone Projects

All projects fit into one of these categories:

Standard Capstone Project

Student-sourced Capstone Projects

 Multi-Disciplinary Capstone Projects

 International Capstone Project

Action Items For Third Year Students Going Into Fourth Year

*Note: Students still on record as seeking a PEY position will not be assigned to a capstone project.

Information and Contact

Blackboard Capstone Organization site

Portal: Community: Browse Blackboard Catalog:
Enter “MIE 490” or “MIE 491”

Capstone Program Assistant

Matthesa Gregg  (capstone@mie.utoronto.ca)

Capstone Coordinators

MIE491 (MEC): Prof. Behdinan (behdinan@ mie.utoronto.ca)
MIE490 (IND): Prof. Jamieson (jamieson@ mie.utoronto.ca)



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