Toronto Star: MIE grad and Miss Universe Canada Lauren Howe is pretty extraordinary

October 13, 2017 – The Toronto Star’s Rosie DiManno recently wrote a column on MIE alumnus and newly crowned Miss Universe Canada, Lauren Howe (IndE 1T6). “Howe’s personal spectrum of accomplishments and interests would likely surprise many. That engineering ring on her finger has been hard won. ‘I’ve had people ask me, oh, nice ring, did you buy that?’ No, she earned it with a degree in industrial engineering from the University of Toronto,” writes DiManno.

“When I say I’m an engineer, people are surprised. And I want that to be different for my future daughters.” said Howe. “Taking engineering was my point to prove I can do it, I can talk the talk, I can walk the walk. I’m definitely more interested in the business side of things but I wanted to understand what business engineers do. So when I work with engineers, I’ll have credibility.”

Read more at the Toronto Star.

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