Three MIE professors recognized with Connaught New Researcher Awards

June 5, 2017 – MIE professors Eric Diller, Tobin Filleter and Edmond Young have been recognized with the Connaught New Researcher Award. The annual awards are only provided to U of T assistant professors within the first five years of a tenured-stream academic appointment to help them establish strong research programs. This year the Connaught Fund is awarding a total of $994,000 to 56 researchers across a range of disciplines.

“Congratulations to this year’s winners of the Connaught New Researcher Award on their well-deserved achievement,” said Professor Vivek Goel, U of T’s vice-president of research and innovation.

“This funding is designed to help some of the best up-and-coming U of T researchers get their vital projects off the ground and position them to go after and secure external funding to continue and expand their research down the road.”

Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering

•    Erin Bobicki of the department of materials science and engineering for “reducing water and energy use in mineral processing”

•    Eric David Diller of the department of mechanical and industrial engineering for “minimally-invasive surgery through miniaturized magnetic surgical tools”

•    Tobin Filleter of the department of mechanical & industrial engineering for “micro-mechanical studies of MoS2 dry lubricated contacts for space applications”

•    Jonathan Kelly of the Institute for Aerospace Studies for “seeing the light: advancing visual sensing for robust and reliable robot navigation and manipulation”

•    Edmond Young of the department of mechanical and industrial engineering for “development of microfluidic airway-on-a-chip for studying lung epithelial and smooth muscle cell interactions”

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