Research paper authored by Professor Lidan You, Dongfang Ouyang and team outlines development of tiny device that can detect cancerous blood cells

PhD Candidate Dongfang Ouyang looking at a microscope

Dongfang Ouyang, a PhD Candidate performs research in the Cellular Biomechanics Laboratory.

A research paper authored by PhD Candidate Dongfang Ouyang, along side his PhD supervisor Professor Lidan You and other members of her Cellular Biomechanics Laboratory about the development of a tiny device that can detect cancerous blood cells was recently published in the Biomicrofluidics journal.

The paper, titled “Mechanical segregation and capturing of clonal circulating plasma cells in multiple myeloma using micropillar-integrated microfluidic device,” has generated quite a buzz and has been featured on several news outlets including EurekAlert, Bioanalysis Zone and the British Society for Haematology.


Published December 9, 2019 by Pam Walls,
Edited February 10, 2020 by Shannon Osborne,

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