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Each year, the MIE community comes together to take pride in seeing how our students have applied their engineering education to solve real-world problems with leading industry clients. After months of collaboration, our fourth-year undergraduates will showcase their final design solutions at the MIE Design Expo and Chair’s Reception on Thursday, April 6, 2017Register today.

Prize Awards

MIE will recognize the top mechanical team project with a monetary prize, courtesy of the John H. Weber Scholarship. The John H. Weber Scholarship is in recognition of John Weber’s (MechE 7T9) induction into the Engineering Hall of Distinction in 2016. The John H. Weber Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering will be awarded to a student, or team of MechE students, who demonstrate an interest in automotive and/or aviation design through their Capstone project. The award will be given to the team rated highest by the MIE Capstone judges.

MIE will recognize the top industrial team project with a monetary prize, courtesy of alumnus John Peri (IndE 8T4) and his family. The Peri Family Industrial Engineering Design Award will be awarded to the team that demonstrates exceptional design capabilities. The award will be given to the team rated highest by the MIE Capstone judges.

Past MIE Design Expos

Capstone Projects 2015-16

The Expo in Photos

MIE Design Showcase & Chair's Reception - April 7, 2016

Mechanical Engineering
First Place (tie):
High Pressure Syringe Pump for Microfluidics
Team members: Amirali Alavi, Denys Matvyeyev, Danyal Mohaddes, Alireza Zarghami
Supervisor: Professor David SintonWinds of Change 2 – Control and Safety System Team
Team members: Evan Boyce, Emma Bowman, Greg Pollieri, Austin McLean
Supervisor: Professor Amy BiltonSecond Place (tie):
Lightweight Power Assist Wheelchair
Team members: Marie-Eugenie Kamie Arabian, Laura Bridgette Burton, Lee-Anne Cole, Caitlin Elliott
Supervisor: Professor Kamran BehdinanHandheld Cell Culture Incubation System
Team members: Jeremy Cheung, Andrew Effat, Itto Kornecki, He Zhang
Supervisor: Professor Edmond YoungIndustrial Engineering

First Place:
Optimization of Freight Shipping Costs
Team members: Zachary Doucet, Matthew Frade, Kristian Correia, Yik Chi Phoon
Supervisor: Professor Chi-Guhn LeeSecond Place:
Process Improvement: Analyzing Wait Times & Information Management in an Outpatient Clinic
Team members: Anna Kotlov, Jaquelyn Monis R., and Madeleine White
Supervisor: Professor Michael Carter

Third Place (tie):
Improving Sanitation Services in India
Team members: Lauren Howe, Amanda Persaud, Eashita Ratwani
Supervisor: Professor Mark Fox

Eye Tracking System for Researching Radiologists’ Scanning Behaviour
Team members: Judy X. Zhu, Iris Y. Wei, Rachel Z. Guo
Supervisor: Professor Paul Milgram

Wallace G. Chalmers Engineering Design Award:

Winds of Change 2 – Control and Safety System Team
Team memers: Evan Boyce, Emma Bowman, Greg Pollieri, Austin McLean
Supervisor: Professor Amy Bilton

Mechanical EngineeringFirst Place:
Team members: Robert Morettin, Vince Rago, Ben Schaefer, Sabin HongSecond Place (tie):
Team members: Steven Gaspar, Anthony Cofreros, Mark Anthony Viola, Sean Michnowiec, Daniel Okrent
Team members: Ankit Prasher, Anojan Sivakumaran, Aravind Raman, Miles Yu You ChenThird Place:
Team members: Carson Dueck, Jahangir Khan, Michael Filipe, Stephan SchneiderIndustrial Engineering

First Place:
Team members: Dimpho Radebe, Jingyu Zhang, Tawfiq Abdulai, Jingfei Chen

Second Place:
Team members: Naeem Talukdar, Veronica Liang, George Huang

Third Place:
Team members: Vasileios Mandrekas, Pamela Arancel-Nunez, Fizza Abidi, Rayyan Faris

Wallace E. Chalmers Winners:
Team members: Robert Morettin, Vince Rago, Ben Schaefer, Sabin Hong

Mechanical EngineeringFirst Place:
Engine and Powertrain Design for an Ultra-Low Fuel Consumption Vehicle
Team members: Ryan Billinger (George Brown), Jonathan Hamway, and Nikita Singarayar
Supervised by Professor David Sinton
Communication Instructor: Mehdi SaffarianSecond Place:
Bombardier Cafeteria Energy Supply Reconfiguration
Team members Rahul Fernando, Jessica Shut, Muhammad Rifqi Amran and Labeeb Malik
Supervised by Dr. Matthew Mackay
Communication Instructor: Farzan SasangoharThird Place:
RC Car-Mounted Camera Stabilizer
Team members Trevor Burton, Theo Theodossiou, Felix Pang, and Andrew Jerabek
Supervised by Dr. Matthew Mackay
Communication Instructor: Leon YuanIndustrial Engineering

First Place:
Tutor Scheduling Software Solution for Pathways to Education
Team members Man Ching Poon and Nikki Salazar
Supervised by Professor Chris Beck
Communication Instructor: Sabine Weyand

Second Place:
Wayfinding Application for Toronto General Hospital
Team members William Kwok, Jui-Yuan Lin, Sherry Hou, and Jieling Yan
Supervised by Birsen Donmez
Communication Instructor: Sabine Weyand

Third Place:
Walmart Inventory Management
Team members Karamvir Gill, Viviana Castro, Amr Ahmed and Shahnawaz Sadiq
Supervised by Professor Chi-Guhn Lee
Communication Instructor: Faezeh Heydari

Mechanical EngineeringFirst Place:
St. John’s Rehabilitation: “Left Neglect?”
Team members: Erich Gluck, Ali Al Safi, and Devang Saxena.
Supervised by Professor Kamran BehdinanSecond Place:
Mechanical Larynx
Team members: Hue Lamp (Helane) Chan, Michelle Cho, Reagan Sun, and Stephen Yang
Supervised by Adjunct Professor Michael MunroThird Place:
Vent Dehumidification System for Aircraft cabins
Team members: Daniel Fonseca, Zhou Gedi, Anthony McLeod, Lou Nan, and Serhiy Naumenko
Supervised by Professor Kamran BehdinanIndustrial Engineering

First Place:
Quinzee: Environmental Data Analytics and Communications
Team members: Yi-Wei Ang, Huda Idrees, Layan Kutob, and Manasvini Vaidyula
Supervised by Professor Greg Jamieson

Second Place:
Integrating the Teaching Assistant Hiring Process: A Systems Approach
Team members: Nefeli Kotopoulis and Joshua Belzile
Co-supervised by Professors Chi-Guhn Lee and Mariano Consens

Third Place:
Modeling the Impacts on Patient Flow by Introducing a Neurovascular Unit in an Acute Care Hospital
Team members: Franklin Ko and Peter Tan
Supervised by Professor Michael Carter

Mechanical EngineeringFirst Place:
Lunar Rover Solar Panel Mount
Team members: Tudor Boiangiu, Jeremy Chan, James Haensel and Tian Le
Supervised by Professor Beno BenhabibSecond Place:
Formual SAE 2012 Active Damping System
Team members: Michael Bakaic, Art de Guzman, Yoorum Ko and Thomas Parker
Supervised by Lecturer Jason Bazylak Third Place:
Rime-ice Sensors for Wind Turbines in Sub-Arctic Climate
Team members: Waqas Ahmed, Rishi Khan, Armin Hamata, Ephraim Machtinger
Supervised by Professor Markus BussmannIndustrial Engineering

First Place:
Inbound/Outbound Truck Alignment Optimization for a Retail Company
Team members: Thanawut Aung-Aphinant, Yuk Chi Choi Lu Lu Sun and Shuo Wang
Supervised by Professor Timothy C. Y. Chan

Second Place:
Improving the Transport of Laboratory Specimens at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Team members: Jacqueline Chan and Sabrina Tang
Supervised by Professor Dionne Aleman

Third Place:
Degowning Personal Protective Equipment in Hospital Isolation Units
Team members: Israt Chowdhury and Tina Yang
Supervised by Professor Paul Milgram

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