Mechanical Engineering Curriculum

Please review the Engineering Academic Calendar for a completed list of the Mechanical Engineering Degree Requirements

Please note:

  1. In 4F, students must take one required course (indicated above) from each of the same two streams followed in 3W.
  2. Students are required to include at least one of the engineering design courses marked with a star (*) during the fourth year.  It may be taken in either 4F or 4W.
  3. In 4F, students may select an additional course from the Stream Courses list (above) to substitute for the technical elective.
  4. Students may take only one of MIE422H1 (Automated Manufacturing) or AER525H1 (Robotics). AER525H1 (Robotics) is Limited Enrolment.
  5. The Department is not able to schedule all fourth-year courses without conflict.  However, students are required to select courses that allow for a conflict-free timetable.
  6. Students are permitted to take at most two technical elective substitutes in their fourth-year, but are required to obtain formal Departmental approval from the Undergraduate Office.
  7. At least two of the four (0.5 credit) Complementary Studies Electives to be taken between second and fourth year must he Humanities/Social Sciences courses (see the Complementary Studies section at the beginning of this chapter).  An equivalent 1.0 course is also acceptable.  Students are responsible for ensuring that each elective taken is approved.  Please consult the electives list available on the Engineering Office of the Registrar's website.
  8. Approval to register for the fourth-year thesis course (MIE498H1 or MIE498Y1) must be obtained from the Associate Chair - Undergraduate, and is normally restricted to students with an overall average of at least B in their second and third years.

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