Professor Michael Carter featured in CBC News article on COVID-19 testing efficiency

Michael Carter (MIE) is an industrial engineering professor specializing in health care resource modeling. Recently, he has been advising on COVID-19 testing and shared his expertise with CBC News:

He [Carter] suggests that in jurisdictions that continue to make tests available to everyone, it would be more efficient, where possible, to have different sites for those with symptoms and those without. That way testing staff don’t waste time asking the asymptomatic people — often the majority in line — the same list of questions about how they feel, said Carter, who is also a professor of industrial engineering at the University of Toronto.

“If we can get asymptomatic people to go to an open space and line up and get through in one minute, you’re in business.”

Read the full news story, A little engineering, a lot of customer service: What it will take to fix COVID-19 test lineups, on CBC News.

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