PhD student Omri Tayyara wins Best Paper & Student Poster at American Society of Mechanical Engineers Conference

Omri Tayyara and his supervisor Professor Cristina Amon posing with Tayyara’s Best Paper and Best Student Poster awards


MIE PhD student Omri Tayyara earned both the Best Paper and Best Student Poster awards at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers InterPACK Conference in Anaheim, California which took place October 7 to 9, 2019. His supervisor, Professor and Dean Emerita Cristina Amon, attended the conference and award ceremony where Tayyara took home the two prizes.

The work Tayyara presented was titled “Effects of Cooling Architecture and PCB Layout Co-design on the Concurrent Thermal and Electrical Performance of an On-board Electric Vehicle Charger.” The research is a collaboration between Professor Amon’s Advanced Thermal/fluid Optimization, Modelling and Simulation (ATOMS) Lab and the University of Toronto Electric Vehicle Research Centre (UTEV), headed by Dr. Olivier Trescases.

Tayyara’s research addresses the thermal and electrical design constraints in a high-density, on-board, bi-directional charger for electric vehicles. The main goal of this work is to investigate the interplay between the cooling architecture and the printed circuit board (PCB) layout, and the corresponding impact on the heat dissipation and parasitic inductance. This work compares the performance of three prototypes of this multifunctional charger using simulations and experimental tests. Through his research, Tayyara aims to set the precedence for multi-disciplinary co-design methodologies of current and future power electronic systems.


-Posted October 22, 2019 by Pam Walls,


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