PhD candidate Arturo Reza Ugalde won Best Paper at Active Materials and Soft Mechatronics conference

Arturo Reza Ugalde holds his Best Paper award with Professor Hani Naguib. (Left to Right: Hani Naguib, Arturo Reza Ugalde, Helena Yoon and Jerry Shen)


PhD candidate Arturo Reza Ugalde won the Best Paper Award at the International Conference on Active Materials and Soft Mechatronics, held in  Incheon, Republic of Korea October 16 to 19, 2019.

Arturo’s winning paper was titled Catalytic performance of Ni3Sn supported on CNT/Silica as Core-Shell Structure for CO Methanation and the research was conducted under the supervision of Professor Olivera Kesler and Professor Hani Naguib.

“The paper describes the mechanism behind the catalytic conversion of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide into synthetic fuel, more specifically, methane,” says Reza Ugalde. “The work is divided mainly into two parts. First, the catalyst fabrication, which consists of the synthesis of an intermetallic compound deposited on a silica sphere to form a core-shell structure. And second, a combination of thermodynamic and kinetic analysis of the main reactions involved in the process.”


Published November 12, 2019 by Pam Walls,



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