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Cristina Amon receives Vivek Goel Faculty Citizenship Award

March 27, 2020
Man holds small purple square of graphene with tweezers

Won’t crack under pressure: stress test reveals graphene can withstand more than one billion cycles before breaking

February 10, 2020

Oil-adsorbing sponge could prevent environmental contamination

December 18, 2019

Professors Michael Carter and Craig Simmons and alumnus David Poirier elected Fellows of the Engineering Institute of Canada

December 18, 2019

Products created by MIE alumni Charlie Katrycz, Amol Rao, Andrew Gillies & Rob Brown featured in U of T Engineering Holiday Gift Guide

December 16, 2019

From automated vehicles to operating rooms: Human Factors researcher Birsen Donmez studies human and technology integration

December 10, 2019

Alumna Nazli Kaya wins Advancing Women in Transportation scholarship

December 9, 2019

Research paper authored by Professor Lidan You, Dongfang Ouyang and team outlines development of tiny device that can detect cancerous blood cells

December 9, 2019

Alumnus Milad Abolhasani receives CAREER Award from National Science Foundation

December 9, 2019

U of T Engineering memorial event honours the 14 women killed in the 1989 Ecole Polytechnique massacre

December 5, 2019

MIE student-athletes recognized at Varsity Blues Academic Excellence award ceremony

December 4, 2019

Chris Beck, Chi-Guhn Lee and Marianne Touchie working to improve transportation and housing in Indigenous communities

December 3, 2019

Professor Murray J. Thomson and recent MIE alum Anton Sediako (MIE PhD 1T9) among authors of paper about 3D printed microscopic swimmers shaped like donuts able to transport particles

December 2, 2019

From landing gear to escape rooms: MIE Mechanics & Design researchers find solutions to industry challenges

November 26, 2019

Sanjeev Chandra honoured with Classic Paper Award at American Society of Mechanical Engineers conference

November 25, 2019

MIE PhD candidates Yasamin Kazemi and Peter Serles teach engineering concepts to kids at U of T’s STEM Day

November 22, 2019