MIE students win 2nd place at UBC’s Project Airlock Challenge

The eight members of the Interplanetary Space Exploration Team who attended the Project Airlock Challenge at UBC: Rupanti Matin, Jay Bihola, Sohiel Hassan, Chetanya Choudhary, Safwan Hossain, Urmil Modi, Arjun Gopal & Anikeith Bankar.

June 10, 2019 – The Interplanetary Space Exploration Team (ISET) was started by mechanical engineering undergraduate students Sohiel Hassan, Arjun Gopal, Chetanya Choudhary and Tejvir Singh Binepal, along with Computer Engineering students Anikeith Bankar and Jay Bihola, just over one year ago. The student design team’s primary goal is to create technology to help make human colonization of Mars a reality. ISET has been working on the design of an airlock for Martian colonies for a year. Eight members of the ISET team traveled to Vancouver last month to present their design at the University of British Columbia’s Project Airlock Challenge.

The team, which consists of several technical sub-teams, advanced to the final round where four of the 16 teams were invited to showcase their designs and answer questions from a panel of judges. The ISET team was awarded the second place prize with the University of Regina winning first place.

Congratulations to all of the students who worked on ISET’s airlock design:

Structural sub-team:

  • Chetanya Choudhary (Lead) – MIE
  • Safwan Hossain – MIE
  • Yasmin Adem – MIE
  • Patriceia Yu

Air Circulation sub-team:

  • Arjun Gopal (Lead) – MIE
  • Rupanti Matin
  • Saad Musani
  • Nimra Javed – MIE

Environment sub-team:

  • Sohiel Hassan (Lead) – MIE
  • Urmil Modi
  • Masha Stanko
  • Gwennyth Carroll

Electrical sub-team:

  • Jay Bihola (Lead)
  • Anikeith Bankar
  • Ruchir Tullu
  • Kuan-Chun (Jean) Lin
  • Kerello Farah – MIE

Business Development sub-team:

  • Anikeith Bankar (Lead)
  • Usama Ansar – MIE
  • Rupanti Matin
  • Mahedah Amjad – MIE

-by Pam Walls, pam@mie.utoronto.ca

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