MIE alumni creators featured in Engineering Holiday Gift Guide

Products created by MIE alumni Amol Rao (MIE MASc 1T8) and Huda Idrees (IndE 1T3) are featured in the 2020 U of T Engineering Holiday Gift Guide.

Blue Block Glasses

With many of us working from home, were feeling the consequences of our tech-reliance in the quality of our sleep. Created by U of T Engineering MIE alum Amol Rao (MIE MASc 1T8), Somnitude Blue Block Glasses are an easy way to combat the restlessness caused by nighttime blue-light exposure – and they’re backed by solid science.

Studies show that blue light negatively affects the body’s natural circadian rhythm, suppresses melatonin production and delays the onset and quality of sleep.

Scroll in style with Somnitude’s new wayfarer style, or pick up a pair for the kids in your life with youth sizes. Impact and scratch resistant, Blue Block Sunglasses are the perfect way to cut down on blue-light exposure and maximize rest this holiday season.

Dot Health

Put your health first this holiday season with Dot Health – the real-time personal health data platform founded by Huda Idrees (IndE 1T3).

Dot Health makes it easy to stay on top of your health, with personalized data management that keep ups with. Keep track of appointments, manage personal health records, and track vaccinations all in one place.

Handy data visualizations and terminology help simplify even the most complicated of lab reports, and with instant access to a resident physician, Dot Health helps you find what you need, when you need it.

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-The 2020 U of T Holiday Gift Guide was published on the U of T Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering News Site on December 1, 2020.

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