MIE Graduate Student Travel Grants

http://MIE-Travel-Grant-Fall-2019-Cycle-Application-Form-fillable.pdfThe MIE Graduate Student Travel Grant Program is designed to support the conference-related expenses of MIE graduate students. See the U of T Guidelines for Travel and Other Reimbursable Expenses for a list of eligible expenses.

Up to 24 travel grants of up to C$750 (maximum) will be awarded each year, distributed over three application periods. The MIE Graduate Student Travel Grant Program is by reimbursement only – an award will be withdrawn if an awardee does not attend the conference.


An MIE Graduate Student Travel Grant is provided for domestic or international travel to an academic or industry-related conference where the grantee will present a poster or paper, or participate as a panelist.

Eligibility Guidelines:

Winners of a Travel Grant award cannot apply for a trip within 24 months from the trip for which the current MIE grant was awarded.

Applicants must be a student registered in a MIE graduate program (their home department is MIE).

Example: If you won a Travel Grant for a conference starting on July 6, 2017, you will not be eligible to apply for another Travel Grant with a trip begins July 5, 2019 or earlier

If the student is planning on graduating before their conference occurs, they will not be eligible. Applicants must be a student at the time of attending their conference.

Grant applications must be received by the deadlines indicated below. A completed and signed application must be submitted to the MIE Graduate Studies Office.

Applications are reviewed on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. the level of participation of the applicant in the conference (i.e. paper, presentation, poster, invited talk);
  2. the academic and professional merit of the candidate;
  3. the degree to which the activity will enhance the academic experience of the MIE graduate student and/or expand his/her networks with other leading scholars or institutions.

Application procedure

Complete the application form which would be emailed to you and email it to the MIE Graduate Studies Office (gradoffice@mie.utoronto.ca). Do NOT submit additional material with the form. Application Form for the Fall Cycle is here.


Applications for MIE Graduate Student Travel Grants are invited three times a year: fall, winter and summer. Applications are due one month prior to each application period.

Application Period Application Deadline Date of notification Period covered
Winter December 7 December 15 Jan 1 – Aug 31
Summer April 12 April 17 May 1 – Dec 31
Fall September 3 September 10 Sept 1 – April 30

Making your travel claim

If you are a recipient of a Travel Grant, you will be directed to contact the MIE Financial Administrator for reimbursement of your expenses (travel advances will not be granted). If your expenses total less than C$750, you will be reimbursed for the amount spent. Any expenses you incur over this amount must be covered by other means. In order for the Department of MIE to process your travel claim, you must provide a detailed account of all your expenses.

During the conference:

Collect and save all receipts! Tip: Number your loose receipts and tape them to blank sheets of paper.

After the conference:

Within one month of returning from the conference, students must complete and submit a travel claim that includes the following:

  1. a completed expense form, available from MC134, along with original receipts for expenses being claimed (refer to Sections A and B of How To Claim an Expense Reimbursement);
  2. proof of conference registration;
  3. proof of participation (for example, copy of program showing your name and participation).