Funding Support


Funding packages for MASc and PhD Students

All admitted MASc and PhD students are financially supported: MASc students receive at least $16,000/year for living expenses, plus tuition and fees, for up to two years. Current PhD students also receive at least $18,000/year for living expenses, plus tuition and fees, for up to four years.

Students must be in good academic standing to maintain the financial support.

Financial package for MASc and PhD students:

Funding Information for 2018/2019

In addition to the minimum funding above, all full-time graduate students (including MEng students) are also eligible to apply for Teaching Assistant (TA) positions. While we do not guarantee TA positions, over 70% of MASc and PhD students receive a position, which is valued at about $4,000.

Furthermore, there are scholarships opportunities available, see below.

Students are expected to apply for scholarships to help support their studies. For scholarships that are awarded competitively, any scholarship income of less than $3,000 will not affect other funding; for amounts greater than $3,000, other funding may be adjusted. Students must report all scholarship income to the MIE Graduate Studies Office and to the MIE Payroll Office (MC134A).NSERC and OGS scholarships are the most important, as these are how the Canadian and Ontario governments support top students. NSERC applications are typically due in the early fall; OGS applications in the late spring. Instructions on how to apply are posted here.

Please note that: (1) You will be responsible for payment of tuition fees, using the financial support provided; and (2) If you are subsequently awarded other external funding (e.g. an NSERC or OGS scholarship), you must inform the MIE Graduate Studies Office, as this will affect the support that you receive.

NSERC and OGS Scholarships

Ten Entrance Awards for Domestic MASc and PhD

To be considered for the Entrance Award, MASc or PhD applicants must submit their application for admission on the system by January 5, 2017

This is a top-up award for students who start the program in Sept 2017. The award is not renewable and is awarded to students with the highest academic achievements.

Award value: $5,000


Students must report any change in immigration status to the MIE Graduate Studies Office and to the MIE Payroll Office (MC134A), as this may affect the tuition a student pays, and thus the funding that will be provided.Students are responsible for paying tuition and fees from their scholarship, RA, and MIE fellowship funding. RA and fellowship funding is administered as follows:

MIE fellowship payments

MIE fellowship payments are processed on ROSI by the MIE Graduate Office, twice a year, in the fall and winter sessions. The fall fellowship payment is issued to students by the end of October. The winter payment is issued by the end of February, and is first applied to tuition and/or any outstanding charges. Students are advised to set up direct deposit banking on ROSI to receive fellowship payments securely and quickly, as mailed cheques may take weeks to reach students. See the Managing Your Award page on the SGS website for more information.

RA payments

RA payments are processed by the MIE Payroll Office (MC 134A). These are deposited monthly to a student’s bank account. Students must contact the MIE Payroll Office to set up direct deposit.

The following is a list of fellowships endowed by generous alumni and friends of MIE. Depending on economic conditions and the income generated by the endowments, some of these fellowships will be made available to students annually (students will be notified of application instructions). Endowed fellowships may be offered on top of other funding, or may replace a portion of a student’s guaranteed funding package. 

Endowed Fellowships Past Award Winners

Awarded to a most promising doctoral candidate beginning the Ph.D. program within the Department of MIE. Eligibility is restricted to Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Successful applicants will be expected to possess outstanding academic credentials, references and leadership qualities, and show that their research has potential for commercial application that could be of benefit to Canadians.

  • 2013/14 recipients: Pedro Isaza, Katelyn Adrienne Seaborn
  • 2012/13 recipients: Nickolas Eaves, Amirsaman Farrokhpanah, Sina Hamzehlouia and Philip Allen Mar
  • 2010/11 recipients: Reza Farshidi and Nicholas Yeung
  • 2009/10 recipient: Michael Marr

Awarded on the basis of academic merit to MIE doctoral-stream graduate students specializing in the recovery and utilization of energy derived sustainably from the sun. Preference will be given to students conducting research in the areas of power generation from solar cells and wind turbines, systems for the efficient use of sustainably derived thermal and electrical energy, and energy storage by batteries and other means.

  • 2013/14 recipient: Milad Abolhasani
  • 2012/13 recipients: Roshanak Banan and Michael Marr
  • 2010/11 recipients: Milad Abolhasani and Justin Shum
  • 2009/10 recipient: Meghdad Saffaripour

Awarded to MIE graduate students of high academic standing, who specialize in the area of Maintenance Optimization or Reliability Engineering (MORE). Fellowship recipients are expected to provide Ivara Corporation with a paper they’ve written during their studies, and include a profile of themselves.

  • 2013/14 recipient: Mohammadreza Sharifi
  • 2012/13 recipient: Akram Khaleghei
  • 2010/11 recipient: Corey Kiassat
  • 2009/10 recipients: Rui Jiang and Sharareh Taghipour

Awarded to MIE graduate student(s) who are undertaking advanced research in Biomedical Engineering.
The candidate will be a mechanical engineering student who demonstrates academic excellence.

Awarded to MIE doctoral-stream graduate students engaged in research in the area of thermodynamics.

  • 2013/14 recipient: Seyed Hadi Zandavi
  • 2012/13 recipient: Milad Abolhasani
  • 2010/11 recipient: Sameh Saad
  • 2009/10 recipients: Hadi Ghasemi and Brendan MacDonald

Awarded to MIE graduate students engaged in research in the area of alternative energy.

  • 2013/14 recipient: Francisco Jose Contreras Cordero
  • 2012/13 recipient: Mohammad Reza Kholghy
  • 2010/11 recipient: Meghdad Saffaripour
  • 2009/10 recipient: James Hinebaugh

Awarded to an MIE graduate student who is engaged in research in the areas of Hydrogen and Low-Carbon Energy Systems.

  • 2013/14 recipients: Nickolas Eaves, Vahid Amani
  • 2012/13 recipient: Bo Bao
  • 2010/11 recipient: Dillon Fuerth

Awarded to an MIE graduate student who is engaged in research in the areas of Hydrogen and Low-Carbon Energy Systems.

  • 2013/14 recipient: Armin Veshkini
  • 2012/13 recipient: Mark Cuglietta
  • 2010/11 recipient: Craig Metcalfe

Awarded to MIE graduate students whose thesis research is in the field of engines or motor vehicles.

  • 2013/14 recipient: Manuel Jose Matos Graca Ramos
  • 2012/13 recipients: Vahid Amani and Phillip Mireault

Awarded to MIE/IBBME graduate students engaged in biomedical research.

  • 2012/13 recipients: Tsoleen Ayanian, Phoenix Ba, Amanda Bell, Eunji In, Hootan Kamran Habibkhani, Shefali Kulkarni-Thaker, Mike Kwon, Haijiao Liu, Houra Mahmoudzadeh, Elnaz Shokrollahi, Richard Tam, Neda Tamannaee
  • 2011/12 recipients: Oleg Chebotarev, Muhammad Owais Khan, Oren Kraus, Haijiao Liu, Wing-Yue Louie, Derek Pyne, Ehsan Shojaei Baghini, Richard Tam, Qingyuan Tan and Yi Zheng
  • 2010/11 recipients: Bogdan Beca, Oleg Chebotarev, Jennifer Hsu, Oren Kraus, Lian Leng, Haijiao Liu, Ehsan Shojaei Baghini, Qingyuan Tan, Sanjesh Yasotharan and Yi Zheng
  • 2009/10 recipients: Bardia Bina, Jeanie Chan, Jungho Kim, Taewoo Lee, Lian Leng, Jason Li, Chao Liu, Deborah Loach, Derek McColl and Sanjesh Yasotharan

William Dunbar Memorial Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering
Awarded to graduate students whose thesis research is in Mechanical Engineering

6T6 Industrial Engineering 50th Fellowship in Healthcare Engineering
Awarded to a PhD student in Healthcare Engineering

Edmond G. Odette Scholarship in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Awarded to PhD student(s) in MIE on the basis of academic merit

Mart Liinve Graduate Scholarship
Awarded to MIE research students on the basis of academic merit


To apply for Teaching Assistant (TA) opportunities, students must use the TA Application System. UTORid or JOINid is required in order to apply for Teaching Assistant opportunities.

MIE Teaching Assistant Awards

MIE is offering up to five (5) Teaching Assistant Awards for TAs in undergraduate courses. Each award consists of a $500 prize.

The Department of MIE distributes up to 24 travel grants per year, to encourage conference travel by supporting the conference-related expenses of MIE graduate students. More information here.

Eligibility CriteriaTo qualify for the award, a student should have successfully defended his/her MASc or PhD thesis within two or four years respectively. The student should have an outstanding publication track record (top 5% of graduate students in the area), from their program, at the time of the oral.

Eligible papers for a specific program (MASc or PhD) must be prepared based on work done while in the same program. Papers from one’s MASc thesis but published/submitted during one’s PhD program are not eligible for a PhD-GRDA.

Qualified papers normally include ones that have been published, accepted and submitted for publication in refereed journals at the time of the oral. Students with fewer papers but having particularly high impact contributions (publications and patents et al.) are also encouraged to apply. The oral examination committee evaluates the application and makes recommendation to the Chair and Associate Chair of Research for approval.

There are three rounds of competition in a year:

Summer 2017
To meet June convocation deadline (April 21, 2017) – PhD and MASc must complete their requirement (including thesis defense) between October 1, 2016 and April 21, 2017

GRD award application: Students must submit signed application documents to David Duong in the Graduate Office no more than a week after the MASc Departmental Exam or PhD Final Oral Exam, but no later than April 28.

Application deadline: Students must submit signed application documents to David Duong in the Graduate Office no more than a week after the MASc Departmental Exam or PhD Final Oral Exam.


  • Winners will also receive a certificate, commending their research output.
  • GRDA also comes with $1,000 for MASc students and $2,000 for PhD students.

Application Procedures

Two weeks before the Final Oral Examination, the candidate submits a completed Notice of Application form to the Supervisory Examination Committee to inform the committee the student is applying for the award.

After the Final Oral Examination, the applicant will submit the completed application form, a list of publications and an impact statement (one-page) in PDF format to David Duong (

Evaluation and Recommendation

Both are conducted by the examination committee. The recommendation is completed online anonymously. Once the examination committee receives the online recommendation form, the committee will have 5 days to provide their recommendation.


All approvals are made by the Chair of the Department or the Associate Chair of Research.

Application Form

Please complete the form here.

Notice of Application here.