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The Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at University of Toronto offers graduate programs leading to the degrees of, Master of Applied Science (MASc), Master of Engineering (MEng) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

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Interested in applying for Graduate Studies? Graduate Research Days is an opportunity for you to meet faculty, current students and learn about our program and department!

Applicants must satisfy our admission requirements in order to be eligible for our programs.

Why Choose MIE?

Where will graduate studies at Canada’s #1 engineering school take you? Find out at Graduate Research Days, February 21 to 23, 2019! 



Select MASc and PhD applicants will:

  • enjoy an expenses-paid trip to the University of Toronto
  • meet one-on-one with our professors
  • learn about graduate research programs in mechanical or industrial engineering
  • tour MIE lab facilities and the historic St. George campus
  • attend an informal mixer with fellow prospective and current graduate students
  • attend a formal dinner with faculty, current students and alumni
  • have their SGS online application fee ($120) reimbursed

The event is by invitation only – apply ASAP to be considered early.

“Attending this event solidified my decision to come to U of T, thanks to some life advice from Professor Jamieson and the enthusiasm of Professor Sun, with whom I now work. I did my undergraduate degree at UBC, so the event was also a great way to explore Toronto. Given my research is in applications of mechanical engineering technology in biology, I really liked how close U of T is to all the major hospitals — making it easy to collaborate with biological researchers.”
– Devin Luu, MASc candidate in mechanical engineering


Space is limited to ~30 attendees. GRD 2019 is open to domestic (Canadian citizen and permanent resident) students:

  • who apply to the Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering’s MASc or PhD program ASAP
  • in their final year of undergraduate studies or who are about to complete their Master’s degree
  • located in Canada or the US only

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Application Procedure

Please note when applying:

  • The application process takes 30-60 minutes online
  • If you are selected, you will receive an official invitation

Need further information? Contact:

Kendra Hunter
Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering | University of Toronto | 416 978 2805

We cannot provide free preliminary assessments of credentials. We cannot admit all qualified applicants; meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

Academic Requirements

MASc and MEng

  • Degree: a bachelor’s degree with high academic standing from a recognized university
  • Research: MASc applicants are expected to demonstrate evidence of research ability
  • GPA: mid-B in their final year of undergraduate study


  • Degree: a master’s degree with high academic standing from a recognized university
  • Research: evidence of stellar research ability
  • GPA: B+ in each of their previous two years of graduate study

Direct-entry: Exceptionally strong applicants (GPA: A- or higher) with a bachelor’s degree and an appropriate background may apply directly to the PhD program.  Direct-entry PhD applicants must be nominated by a professor during the admissions process. The professor must submit a one page summary to the MIE Graduate Coordinator ( explaining the reasons for the nomination, putting in perspective the background and any prior experience of the applicant in terms of their ability to handle the PhD program.  The professor must also state in the letter whether he or she is willing to accept the student (if successful) into the direct-entry PhD program.

MASc Fast-track to PhDExceptional MASc students (GPA: A- or higher) may request to transfer to the PhD program before completing all of the MASc degree requirements. Such a transfer must be approved by the MIE Graduate Studies Committee and by SG

MEng to PhD: Exceptionally strong applicants with an MEng degree (GPA: A- or higher) who completed a project and have received confirmation of supervision are eligible for the PhD program at MIE

Flex-time PhDMIE also offers a flex-time PhD option for master’s level engineers employed full-time, who wish to pursue a PhD while continuing to work. Flex-time students are not eligible for financial support

Applicants with degrees from outside of North America should also check the SGS Requirements. The International Degree Equivalencies Tool will help you assess whether you are eligible for entry into one of our graduate programs.

English Language Proficiency Requirement

IMPORTANT:  The MIE Departmental requirement for English language proficiency is based on the country from which the admitting degree is issued.  If the admitting degree is issued from a country whose first/official/national language is not English, then examination results of English language proficiency is requiredThese electronic examination results should be sent directly by the testing agency to the University of Toronto, Enrolment Services. Please refer to the SGS website for minimum scores required and SGS approved testing centres.

All applicants must demonstrate an adequate level of proficiency in English, regardless of their citizenship status or country of origin. It is important that students follow the policies on English Language Proficiency (ELP) testing requirements and take one of the required tests for admission. ELP tests must have been taken within the last 24 months at the time of submission of their application. A list of acceptable ELP tests and instructions on how to submit your scores for verification are available at

Additional requirements for TOEFL: For those who are submitting a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), the minimum requirement for admissions is as follows:

TOEFL: 93 (minimum 22 on all components assessed)


Normally, if applicants meet any one of the following conditions, they are not required to submit proof of proficiency in English:

  • Completed a degree in one of the following countries: Canada, Australia, Barbados, Hong Kong, Ireland, Jamaica, Kenya, Malawi, Malta, Namibia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States of America, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.  Please visit the SGS website for full details.
  • Native language is English (language first learned and still used on a daily basis).
  • A Canadian citizen who studied at a Canadian university where the language of instruction is French.

Before you start, please ensure that you meet our minimum admission requirements in the section above.

Applicants apply on the SGS application system:

  • You are not required to submit hard/paper copies of your documents unless specified.
  • 2 reference letters: provide contact information of two referees. Email addresses must be institution-based (i.e. no gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.). Instructions will be sent to each referee on how to submit a reference letter via the SGS system. Both referees should be academic (e.g. previous professors); for MEng applicants, one can be professional. References from friends and family will not be accepted.
  • Complete (or most up-to-date) academic record / transcript(s): scan and upload each post-secondary institutional transcript as a .PDF file. In lieu of a scanned copy of a paper transcript, applicants may upload a .PDF file of their academic history from their university’s student web service. Printing to PDF directly from your web browser is ideal. Every transcript must include its respective grading scale. You are not required to submit official (paper) transcripts until it is requested by the graduate office.
  • Supporting Documents:
    • Upload your Resume/C.V.
    • Upload a Letter of Intent: explain why you wish to join our program. Describe your research interest, career goals, the courses you intend to take, etc. It should be 650 – 1000 words.
  • English Language Proficiency:The MIE Departmental requirement for proof of English language proficiency is based on the country from which the admitting degree is issued.  If the admitting degree is issued from a country whose first/official/national language is not English, then proof of English language proficiency is required.Please refer to the SGS website for the minimum scores required and SGS approved testing centres.
  • Field of Study: MASc and PhD applicants must indicate “field of study” on their SGS application. Applicants can select up to three subject fields from the ‘drop down’ list.

Official documents required from applicants:

  • If you are required to submit proof of English Language Proficiency (ELP), you must arrange for your test scores to be reported electronically to the University of Toronto (Enrolment Services) by the testing agency for verification. The only test for which U of T will accept paper scores is MELAB.
    • You are not required to submit official (paper) transcripts until it is requested by the graduate office.The review process will take place using your scanned/electronic transcripts. You will be contacted with instructions if you are required to submit official (paper) transcripts. If you receive a request, documents should be sent to:

MEng or MASc or PhD – Graduate Office
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto
5 King’s College Road, Room MC 108
Toronto, ON M5S 3G8

What happens once you’ve applied?

Complete applications: your application is complete when all required documents have been received online (including reference letters and English Language Proficiency test score verification).  Incomplete applications are not considered.

MASc and PhD applicants

“Under Review” “Documents Pending”
Applications can now be viewed by professors within the Department of MIE. The application is not considered complete until all of the documents have been submitted.
Applicants are strongly encouraged to  contact professors to confirm supervision. Without confirmation of supervision (and financial support), admission will not be offered. When all of the documents have been supplied, the application will change from “Documents Pending” to “Under Review.”
When a professor is secured, admission process begins. Applicants are then encouraged to follow the “Under Review” process.

MEng Applicants

  • Your SGS application status online will change to “Under Review” once your application is complete. Incomplete applications are not considered.
  • The first round of admission results are released 4-6 weeks after the deadline. A limited number of admission offers are issued after the first round. Applications remain open until the end of the end of the admission cycle. Refused applicants will receive notification before the end of the current admission cycle (August for September/Fall start-date applicants, December for January/Winter start-date applicants)

Applicants must submit complete applications by the indicated deadline. MEng applicants can expect to hear back from the graduate office 3-4 weeks after the deadline. Incomplete applications will not be considered for admission.

Application deadline for MASc and PhD extended to February 15, 2019!

Canadian citizens and Permanent Resident

Start date MEng MASc PhD
June 1
January 15* January 15*
January October 1 August 1 August 1

International students

Start date MEng MASc PhD
September April 1 January 15* January 15*
January August 1 August 1 August 1

Financial Support

This is for information only; registered students must check the fee balance on their ACORN/ROSI account. The University of Toronto official list of program fees is here.

NOTE: PhD and MASc students, and MEng students working on a project, are required to register and pay fees annually on a full-time basis until all degree requirements have been completed.

Balance of Degree Fees

The length of the program, as defined by the graduate unit into which a student is admitted, predetermines the minimum total academic fee that a student must pay prior to graduation.

Many part-time Master’s students must pay a balance of degree fee prior to graduation. Full-time students who accelerate their programs and finish the degree requirements in less time than the normal program length must pay a balance of degree fee. If a student has paid more than the full-time fee due to the time taken to complete the degree requirements, there will be no refund of fees.

Fees Refund Schedule

The last day to cancel a course or registration without academic penalty is not the same as the last date to be eligible for a refund. For the fees refund schedule, click here.

More information on Graduate Fees is available here.

PhD (full time)

per session
per year
$8,489.52 $9,113.52

MASc (full time)

per session
per year
$8,489.52 $24,853.52


Extended full-time
Domestic – per session
$8,257.26 $4,601.26 $2,679.74
Domestic – per year
$9,147.52 $5,304.47
International – per session
$28,866.26 $15,384.76 $9,299.24
International – per year
$57,053.52 $30,090.52 $17,919.47

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