Axel Guenther

Professor Axel Guenther 2


Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Tel: 416-978-1282
Office: MC416
Research Group: Guenther Lab – Fluidic Microprocessors for Life & Material Sciences




Research Area


Research Interests

Fluid flow and transport at small length scales; organized soft materials; microsystems design; micro and nanofabrication; fluidic microprocessors; high-throughput screening; small blood vessel structure and function.


The Guenther Research Group draws from the areas of fluid mechanics, colloidal material synthesis, as well as micro/nanofabrication. We investigate fundamentals of transport processes associated with micro/nanoscale flows and aim at translating these fundamentals into unique and powerful technical solutions. We are particularly interested in realizing dynamically changing microenvironments for applications in materials science and biomedicine. Current applications include the controlled preparation of colloidal nanostructures in microreactors, high-throughput platforms for functional tests of small blood vessels with relevance to biopharmaceutical drug discovery, and microfluidic strategies for probing cellular decision processes.

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