OR Seminar Series: Jamol Pender, Cornell University

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Mining Building Room 128
170 College Street

Talk Title: Queueing Theory in the Age of Smartphone Technology

Talk Abstract: Many service systems use smartphone apps to inform their customers of how long the queue is or how long their estimated waiting time might be.  However, in many circumstances, the information may be delayed or given in the form of an update.  We will present new queueing models that study the impact of giving this information to customers.  We show giving delayed information to customers can cause unwanted oscillations in the queues in a variety of queueing models.  We compare our model to queues from Disneyland and demonstrate that the oscillations are empirically observed.

Bio: Jamol Pender is an Assistant Professor in the School of Operations Research and Information Engineering at Cornell University. He received his PhD in Operations Research and Financial Engineering in 2013 at Princeton University. His primary research interests involve the stochastic analysis and optimal control of queueing networks with time varying rates. He is also broadly interested in the applications of queueing networks in the study of service systems, collaborative economies, smartphone networks, healthcare, and transportation systems.

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