Online: MIE Distinguished Seminar Series with Jock D. Mackinlay: “Analytical Conversation”

Friday, February 5, 2021

*ONLINE* – Recorded seminar available to watch here.
February 5, 2021

Jock D. Mackinlay (first Technical Fellow at Tableau Software): Analytical Conversation

Analytical conversations use data to drive progress on problems big and small. I describe how encoding data visually supports two types of analytical conversation: 1) an individual with a computer to understand data, and 2) people with each other to share and discuss data findings.

Jock D. Mackinlay is the first Technical Fellow at Tableau Software, an expert in visual analytics and human-computer interaction. He believes that well-designed software can help a wide range of individuals and organizations to work effectively with data, which will improve the world. Jock joined Tableau in 2004 after being on the PhD dissertation committee of Chris Stolte, one of the cofounders of Tableau.  Jock got a computer science PhD at Stanford University in 1986 and joined the research team at Xerox PARC that coined the phrase “Information Visualization”.  In 2009, Jock received the IEEE Visualization Technical Achievement Award for his seminal technical work on automatic presentation tools and new visual metaphors for information visualization.

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