ILead Leadership Labs: Lessons in Leadership from Positive Psychology

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Room 202, Galbraith Building
35 St. George Street

How can we emerge from the stress-strain of Covid-times to thrive in our everyday lives? This Leadership Lab begins with a short lesson on a core concept of Positive Psychology: Resilience. With this powerful idea framing our thinking, we’ll move into action-planning mode. You’ll leave the workshop with a clear idea of how to step up to the unique challenges of leading yourself these next weeks and months to succeed at Skule and beyond. Pizza and refreshments provided.

About the Facilitator: Dr Robin Sacks

Dr. Robin Sacks has been teaching Positive Psychology and Leadership at Skule for over a decade. Her goal in designing TEP444 (“The Happy Engineer”) was to provide an opportunity for students to explore some of life’s big questions in an academic setting. As Director of Research for the Troost Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering, Robin traveled the world sharing the findings from Troost ILead’s groundbreaking research in an effort to help professionals develop people skills alongside their technical education. Robin has a BA from Columbia University as well as a Master’s in Cognitive Science and a PhD in Developmental Psychology, both from U of T.

Registration closes February 28th at 5pm. Register online.

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