Disruptors & Dilemmas: Net Zero – Not a Zero-Sum Game: Canada’s Opportunities in a Climate Positive Energy Transition

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Join us on Wednesday, November 24th, for a special edition of the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering’s Disruptors & Dilemmas speaker series, featuring alumni and faculty from U of T Engineering, U of T Arts & Science, University of Toronto Mississauga & University of Toronto Scarborough.

Creating a climate-positive future is a grand challenge of our time and one that is especially relevant to Canada as a major energy producer and exporter.  Disruptors & Dilemmas asks a multi-disciplinary panel of experts in engineering, management, philosophy and political science whether the transition to Net Zero will be a zero-sum game for Canada or whether there is a better path economically, socially and politically. To join the conversation, register here today.

This free virtual speaker panel will be moderated by Claire Kennedy, Former Chair of University of Toronto’s Governing Council. Guests will be invited to engage in Q&A with the panelists following the discussion.

Jody Grewal
Assistant Professor of Accounting
Rotman School of Management, UTM

Joesph Heath
Professor of Philosophy
Faculty of Arts & Science

David Sinton (MechE 9T8, PhD 0T3)
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering

Laura Tozer (MA 2010, PhD 2018)
Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies
University of Toronto Scarborough

Claire Kennedy (ChemE 8T9)
Senior Advisor, Clients and Industries, Bennett Jones LLP
Former Chair, Governing Council of the University of Toronto

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