Development of Next-Generation Protection Materials with James Hogan

Thursday, September 26, 2019

5 King's College Rd.


This event is open to the public and registration is not required.

Special MIE seminar with Assistant Professor James Hogan, Department of Mechanical
Engineering, University of Alberta hosted by Markus Bussmann




Impacts and blasts represent transient dynamic events that are common in defense and
aerospace applications, and these are characterized by the deposition of large amounts
of energy in very short times. Upon loading, the material seeks internal pathways to
dissipate the loading energy, and these are often referred to as “failure mechanisms”.
The evaluation and understanding of these mechanisms is important in designing nextgeneration materials used in protection in extreme environments. In this presentation, I will discuss on-going multi-disciplinary research activities in coupling novel characterization tools, state-of-the-art experimental mechanics approaches, and
physics-based modelling in order to better understand the mechanisms that govern the
performance of brittle materials in dynamic environments. Implication of the results will
be presented in the context of designing next-general materials that are more impact
and blast resistant for defense and security applications. This work is supported by the
Canadian Department of National Defence, USA Department of Defense, and industry.


James Hogan joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of
Alberta in July 2015. His research program is concerned with mechanics and materials,
focusing on experimental mechanics with complementary efforts in computational
mechanics and materials design. The objective of the research has been to understand
how the microstructure and mechanical properties are linked to mechanisms that are
activated during dynamic failure. He has published over 30 journal papers on the topic,
and the program is interdisciplinary and collaborative, involving world-wide partners from academia (e.g., Johns Hopkins University; Imperial College of London), industry (e.g., Lumiant Corporation; General Dynamics Land Systems), and government laboratories (e.g., National Research Council of Canada; Defence Research and Development Canada; USA Army Research Laboratory; Lawrence Livermore National Lab). Finally, James is proud to lead a team of 12 highly motivated and dynamic graduate students and Postdoctoral Fellows, who are active in collaborating with partners through
internships and workshops.


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