CRAFT Research Symposium (May 11 – 13) TOeP Student Registration Page

Monday, May 11, 2020-Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Myhal Centre, Room 150
55 St. George

The CRAFT Research Symposium is a unified event encompassing the Ontario-on-a-Chip Conference, CRAFT Workshop, and Training Program in Organ-on-a-Chip (TOeP) Research Day. Topics will include microfluidics, organ-on-a-chip technologies, biofabrication, remote diagnostics, and more and will feature internationally leading keynote/invited speakers including Yi-Chin Toh (Queensland Univ.), Katherine Elvira (UVic), and Daeyeon Lee (UPenn). The event will be immediately followed by the inauguration event for the Max Planck Institute (afternoon on May 13th).

About CRAFT:

The Centre for Research and Applications in Fluidic Technologies (CRAFT) is a collaborative research center between the University of Toronto and the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). CRAFT aims to establish an internationally leading and nationally unique research enterprise, focused on device innovation related to (a) diagnostics for remote communities and critical care, (b) organ-on-a-chip technologies, and (c) biomanufacturing. The infrastructure will enable rapid translation from device prototyping to evaluation in UofT’s affiliated teaching hospitals.


Registrations are closed for this event.

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