Astronaut Training & Underwater Bubbles

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Hart House, South Dining Room
7 Hart House Circle

Do you aspire to become an astronaut? Are you conditioning your mind and body to endure the preparation activities that astronauts must undergo while in training? Did you know that you could practice some of these skills while in an underwater environment? Learn how to challenge yourself from someone who has swum through the hoops. The Hart House Underwater Club (HHUC) invites you to listen to one of our very own members, Aaron Persad – commercial space astronaut, researcher, and scientist – as he talks about his astronaut training experiences, and how you could prepare yourself to become a candidate by pursing underwater fitness challenges. An open discussion will follow afterwards for interested members of the audience on what could be done to try some of these challenges during our regular pool time slots run by the Club. About the speaker: Dr. Persad is a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Sinton Lab in the Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Department. His research investigates fluid behaviour in nanochannels smaller than a strand of hair and focuses on applications to oil and gas recovery and to space life support systems. He is Chief Science Officer of the Association of Spaceflight Professionals and Manager of Microgravity Operations for Integrated Spaceflight Services, where he is leading citizen-science microgravity research projects.

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