ARCDO Workshop: A Shape-Shifting Hatred: Understanding and Addressing Antisemitism

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Facilitated by: Shari Golberg, Ph.D., Trainer and Consultant

Referred to as the world’s “longest hatred” by historian Robert Wistrich, antisemitism is a potent and dangerous form of racism, prejudice, and hate that has persisted over millennia. Often regarded as a problem of the past in North America, antisemitism has never really gone away, and contemporary expressions of it are becoming increasingly more prevalent and worrisome. This workshop will deepen participants’ understanding of antisemitism, demonstrate the connections between historical and contemporary manifestations of antisemitism, and provide participants with tools to identify and address antisemitic discourses in order to promote more inclusive learning and work environments.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the connection between historical and contemporary manifestations of antisemitism;
  • Identify some common antisemitic trope and discourses; and
  • Share strategies and resources to help antisemitism in postsecondary environments.

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