2021 MIE Capstone Design Virtual Showcase (MIE 491 – Mechanical Engineering)

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Registration for this event has now closed. If you missed registering and would like to join please email Matthesa Gregg, Engineering Design Programs Assistant, at matthesa@mie.utoronto.ca.

Join us as we celebrate the student projects that were created as a result of our Capstone program.

The Capstone program is an opportunity for fourth-year undergraduate students to work on design projects that meet specific client needs. The students work in teams to address real world problems presented by our industry partners. This showcase is the culmination of the program where students display their projects and prototypes.

Attendees will be able to learn more about our students’ innovative design projects and interact with the project teams.


Event Schedule 

6:25PM-Event registrants begin entering Zoom
6:30PM-Opening Remarks-Prof. Kamran Behdinan
6:38-8:00PM-Event attendees move between breakout rooms to visit projects
8:00pm – Event Ends


Project Listing

Please note, project teams will be unavailable for networking during their grading period.

Advanced Industrial Technology

  • CACT- Cooling Shroud For Wire Arc Powder Production (Grading 6:40-7:00PM)
  • HC-Bipolar Plate Testing Equipment (Grading 7:00-7:20PM)
  • LH2-Universal Crib Mattress Lift (Grading 7:00-7:20PM)
  • MOL-Fall Arrest Device for Use with Construction/Industrial Ladders (Grading 7:20-7:40PM)
  • LH1-User-Oriented Loading Ramp for Ford F-150 Truck (Grading 7:00-7:20PM)
  • MBL-Lateral Flow Test Manufacturing (LFT-M) (Grading 7:20-7:40PM)


  • AERLIFT-Medical Delivery Drone – A Move in the Flight Direction (Grading 6:40-7:00PM)
  • MADL4-Autonomous Rescue Air Vehicle for Emergency Evacuation (Grading 7:20-7:40PM)
  • PWC-Vane Lever for Gas Turbine (Grading 7:40-8:00PM)
  • MSF-Space Food: Manufacturing Technology (Grading 7:40-8:00PM)
  • SR-Wind Velocity Estimation Device for Quadcopters (Grading 7:40-8:00PM)
  • PWC2-A Novel Piezoelectric Torque Measuring System for Pratt & Whitney Canada Turboprop Gas Turbine Engines (Grading 7:40-8:00PM)

Automotive and Transportation

  • FSAE1-Custom High Voltage Inverter for a Formula SAE Vehicle (Grading 7:00-7:20PM)
  • FSAE2-The Dynamite – Damper Dynamometer for Formula SAE Vehicle (Grading 7:00-7:20PM)
  • MADL2-Low-power, bionic penguin shaped autonomous underwater vehicle (Grading 7:00-7:20PM)
  • MADL3-Driverless Vehicle Design for Toronto’s Winter (Grading 7:20-7:40PM)

Energy and Environment

  • ARL-MLS1- ZnO Piezoelectric Energy Harvester: Wearable Tech Powered by Human Movement (Grading 6:40-7:00PM)
  • SL-100-PV: Multi-Patient Ventilator (Grading 7:40-8:00PM)
  • TECHO-Improving Water Quality Through the Use of a First Flush Diverter for Rainwater Harvesting in Peri-Urban Mexican Communities (Grading 7:40-8:00PM)
  • MSBREW-Cost-Efficient HVAC Design for a Brewery (Grading 7:20-7:40PM)
  • SS-SoluSave Recyling Device: Smart way to Reduce Waste (Grading 7:40-8:00PM)
  • MADL1-Supporting Wind Energy Generation in Deepwater Environments (Grading 7:00-7:20PM)

Medical Equipment/Health Care Technology

  • QDT-Mapping the Progression of Onset Dental Caries (Grading 7:40-8:00PM)
  • IES-A Hoseless CPAP System for Improved Quality of Life (Grading 7:00-7:20PM)
  • MFSSL1-Negative Pressure Wound Therapy for Small-Scale Wounds (Grading 7:20-7:40PM)
  • MFSSL2-Brain Computer Interface for Industrial Fluid Flow Control (Grading 7:20-7:40PM)
  • NYGH-NYGH – pharmaceutical syringe assisting device (Grading 7:40-8:00PM)
  • ARL-MLS3.1- Design of a Easy-to-manufacture and Operator-friendly Ventilator (Grading 6:40-7:00PM)
  • ARL-MLS3.2- Battle Against COVID-19 and Ventilator Components Shortage (Grading 6:40-7:00PM)
  • CBL- Mechanobiology Testing Platform (Grading 6:40-7:00PM)

Robotics/Mechatronics/Electrical Technology

  • AMNL1- Autonomous Femoral Artery Needle Insertion for Patients in Rural Areas (Grading 6:40-7:00PM)
  • AMNL2-Design of a Guidewire Simulation to Analyze Damage to Arterial Walls (Grading 6:40-7:00PM)
  • CT- Design of a Reciprocating End-effector for Robotic Polishing System (Grading 6:40-7:00PM)
  • ARL-MLS2- The Future of Diabetes Treatment: Lead-Free Insulin Micropumps (Grading 6:40-7:00PM)
  • FASG-How Adjustable Adhesion Improves Mechanical Gripping (Grading 7:00-7:20PM)
  • MPI-Inline Optical Temperature Measurement for Industrial Production Lines (Grading 7:20-7:40PM)
  • MFSSL3-Portable Droplet Image Analyzer (Grading 7:20-7:40PM)


Questions? Contact Matthesa Gregg, Engineering Design Programs Assistant, at matthesa@mie.utoronto.ca or 416-978-6409


Registrations are closed for this event.

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