2018 Joint Ontario-on-a-Chip and TOeP Symposium (Industry Registration)

Thursday, May 24, 2018-Friday, May 25, 2018


Fee: $150

Location: TBD

The Ontario-on-a-Chip (OOAC) Symposium, held every year at the University of Toronto, St. George campus, is an annual event that brings together scientists, engineers, technologists, and other parties from government, industry, and academia in one forum to facilitate a technology-focused discussion on microfluidics and lab-on-a-chip devices, and their numerous applications in chemistry, physics, biology, and the life sciences. Lab-on-a-chip devices are miniaturized systems made by micro-engineering methods that take advantage of physical properties at the microscale to precisely control and manipulate fluids and other materials. They are poised to revolutionize many different fields and industries, from basic scientific research to the biotech and gas & oil industries.

This year’s meeting is our 13th, and we are very excited to offer two full days of events, including keynote talks by Dr. Howard Stone (Princeton), and Dr. Sabeth Verpoorte (University of Groningen). The second day will feature student talks from the TOeP program.

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