The Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering and the University of Toronto hosted the annual CSME/CFD conference from May 26-29, 2024.  Guests from across Canada came to participate in the three-day conference, which saw 400 presentations, five plenary, and six keynote talks take place in Myhal and Bahan centers.  Members of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering (CSME) and the CFD Society of Canada came together to exchange current research results and strengthen ties among their colleagues, collaborators, and mentors.

 “We had overwhelming interest and engagement with guests wishing to take part in CSME/CFD 2024”, says Markus Bussmann, Professor and Chair of MIE, Professor Fae Azhari, and Professor Clinton Groth, the Co-Chairs of the conference. “Over 500 attendees actively participated in the three days, resulting in strong connections and advancements throughout the numerous research areas.”

MIE Professor and Chair, Co-Chair of the CSME/CFD conference giving a speech.

A highlight of the conference was a banquet held on Tuesday night, May 28th, which included an award ceremony. MIE’s very own Professor Ali Dolatabadi received the CSME C.N. Downing Award in recognition of his sustained and impactful contributions and Professor Patrick Lee was made a CSME Fellow.

MIE Professor Ali Dolatabadi received the CSME C.N. Downing Award.

Thank you to all who participated in the CSME/CFD 2024 conference and we look forward to the 2025 conference, happening in Montreal, QC.

To view the photos taken at the banquet, please visit our Flickr.


-Published on June 7th, 2024 by Kendra Hunter.

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